Friday, September 24, 2010

Margin of victory does mean a lot for Michigan this week

Usually, I'm not much of a margin of victory person. I figure you just win comfortably. The size of the score doesn't matter, and can be disrespectful.
But I think Saturday's Michigan's game against Bowling Green is an exception.
The Wolverines, who are attempting to re-gain their status on the national stage, need to crush the Falcons. The more lopsided, the better from their standpoint.
Because of the loss to Appalachian State, which began the downfall of Lloyd Carr.
Because of the loss to Toledo, which raised plenty of eyebrows about Rich Rodriguez.
And because last week's much closer-than-expected victory over Massachusetts left many wondering if Michigan's defense is good enough for a legitimate Top 25 team.

Random Thoughts

- The matchup I have been waiting for since the NFL Draft will take place Sunday: The Lions Ndamukong Suh vs. Steve Hutchinson. Wonder if Hutchinson can handle Suh one-on-one? We're about to find out. Finally.

- Anybody else sick of the Jets? I love the show "Hard Knocks" on HBO. Watch it every year. And I did find it more compelling with Rex Ryan and the Jets this season. But there is so much drama with that team lately - the women reporter issue, Braylon Edwards' DUI, etc. - it's too much. The Jets did look good against the Patriots, though.



Blogger ARTKNARF said...

I have enjoyed watching Suh play, and look forward to the game this Sunday. His comments about not losing at home, impressed me, a rookie, not trash talking or bragging about himself, but saying this team will not sink into a loser mentality.

7:33 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I agree. Suh played exceptionally well in the first two games and has all the makings of not only a tremendous player, but the type of leader the Lions have been lacking.

10:17 PM 

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