Monday, September 20, 2010

It's difficult to see how the Lions are any different this season


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the Lions are improved .. but when you're down, there's only one way to go, right?

The injuries to Levy and Stafford are large.

You're right, though, Pat. It almost seems like last year when other teams would just crank it up a notch and take over, mostly after the halftime rest and instruction.

The defensive front pressure is really improved but the seem pass at 8-15 yds. looks like it is there for the taking.

Gunther has a lot of work to do for a young and non-synchronous defense that makes rookie mistakes. How many times did the rush or blitz look golden but go bad when Vick escaped because the rusher didn't hit to the outside shoulder? Just one of those several misses could have meant 30-50 yards in field position.

These pros are equal and good .. technique is very important.

6:53 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

We'll see what happens in Minnesota. They need a breakout game, and that doesn't mean a home win over a bad team. This is the perfect week for Lions to breakout.

12:51 AM 

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