Thursday, October 29, 2009

On Big Ben, Lefty-On-Lefty Crime And More

I didn't think the Pistons should sign Ben Wallace this off season, regardless the minimal salary. But so far, he has done an excellent job. He played well in the Pistons season-opening victory. Was a key, really. It was only Memphis - a truly dreadful squad. Oklahoma City is much improved. Kevin Durant, Jeff Green and Russell Westbrook meshed well together in a season-opening win. Even though it is at home rather than the road, it might provide a better test for the Pistons Friday.

Random Thoughts

- The Boubacar Cissoko situation at Michigan is beyond disappointing, especially given the Wolverines troubles in the secondary.

- Chase Utley is a truly great hitter. Lefty on lefty crime like that is rare. And C.C Sabathia is a big-time pitcher with a big-time fastball. Yankees looked tight. If they can't beat Pedro Martinez at home tonight...

- Two things I took out of Wednesday's NBA games above all else: Atlanta is explosive offensively. They trailed 101-100 late - and then just blew the Pacers out of the gym. And the Celtics defense is incredible.

- I see Calgary as threatening as any team in the Western Conference. The Flames have a little bit of every thing. Having Olli Jokinen for the full season and adding Jay Bouwmeester makes the Flames formidible. They need to tighten it up defensively, however.

My Column in Thursday's Oakland Press: Why Is Bud Selig welcoming back Mark McGwire with open arm?



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