Tuesday, October 20, 2009

On The Shock, Phillies, Michigan's QB's And Scott Sizemore

I don’t see anything good about the Detroit Shock leaving The Palace and heading to Tulsa.
Women’s basketball is a niche sport when it comes to fan popularity in this country, and it hasn’t caught on here like in other places like Tennessee and Connecticut, where women’s college basketball is enormously popular.
It is, however, a sport that is participated in by many girls in this state while in high school, and at the lower levels of our educational system. It’s an important part of education for many girls. Having a women’s basketball team at a professional level - connected to the NBA - only enhanced the sport.
The Shock were also another source of pride in this area. They won championships. It was a relatively inexpensive, wholesome way for a family to be entertained. The Palace knows how to put on a show. It was fun.
Also, I liked the way the NBA has been using its WNBA franchises to promote women’s basketball. Evidently, that aspect of the league is gone. The NBA wouldn’t even remotely consider putting a men’s team in Tulsa.
But it’s also understood The Palace isn’t in business to lose money. And it did seem like the Shock had run their course. Interest in the team last summer was nil. So the Shock have gone the way of arena football, pro soccer and minor league hockey in this town.
Maybe it was inevitable, but that doesn’t necessarily make it good.

Random Thoughts

- There is a presumption the Yankees are the best team in baseball. I am not sure it isn’t the Phillies.

- Ask yourself this question: Is Michigan’s quarterback situation any less confusing this week than it was last week?

- Evidently, Scott Sizemore is very serious about taking over second base for the Tigers next season. In his first four games in the Arizona Fall League - covering 16 at bats - he has three home runs, nine RBI and OPS of 1.463.



Blogger Larry Baker said...

Book, I agree with your commentary on the Shock. I think it is a loss of women's sports in general and certainly does not bode well for the WNBA. I had tickets to the Shock games (as I do the Pistons) and found them to be competitive and entertaining. What has surprised me more than the apathy towards the team has been the contempt with which they have been held by some in the sports community. Not athletic? Uh,like Kwame Brown? (Did they ever see Deanna Nolan?) Oh well, the folks at the Palace really did try to sell the product and the attendance this year was dreadful. But as you said, nothing good comes out of it.

2:39 PM 
Blogger Barry said...

Pat, 2B is one area of strength for the Tigers. Sizemore looks like he has some speed too. Still think they should offer Polanco arb and maybe get a draft pick out of it inless his salary would go up to 9 million a year.

3:02 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Larry Baker,
That is the thing about the WNBA - it does prove the myth women basketball players aren't athletic is not true. There are truly great players in the WNBA.

2:12 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

The handwriting is on the wall. Polanco is gone. They will not make any attempt to re-sign him.

2:13 PM 

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