Friday, October 16, 2009

Leach Comments About Carr Have Been Consistent

Rick Leach's recent comments about former Michigan coach Lloyd Carr might have seemed sudden and harsh, but they actually were not out of the ordinary for what Leach has been saying for a long time.
He has been, and evidently still is, very upset that Carr did not come out in support of Rodriguez - especially during last year's 3-9 season.
It's not like Leach to do that publicly. His love of Michigan is unquestioned. And he hasn't been happy that the entire Michigan family hasn't rallied around Rodriguez to the degree he'd like. There is no wait and see with Leach about whether he is in with Rodriguez - he's been in from Day 1 - and would be with anybody who is the head coach.
I don't get the impression Leach is talking about a major speech here from Carr, but maybe a couple kind words of public encouragement.
Maybe it would have quelled some of the "family atmosphere" comments Rodriguez has had to endure from disgruntled players.
There is a point here about Carr, who will always be remembered fondly in this state for the most part.
He did have a recruiting tiff with Les Miles, that seemed to prevent Miles, a former player for Bo Schembechler, from becoming Michigan's head coach. He did have a tiff with Jim Harbaugh, a former player for Bo, who is showing great promise as a head coach at Stanford, that may prevent him from becoming Michigan's head coach. He hasn't said anything at all when it might have helped Rodriguez.
I kind of get the idea those are the type of things Leach is calling Carr out about.

Random Thoughts

- I think Sunday's game at Green Bay is a key one for the Lions from this standpoint: They need to not fall apart defensively on the road. It happened at New Orleans. It happened at Chicago. It hasn't happened at home. Even if they lose - and they very likely will - the Lions need to make the point they aren't utter pushovers on the road defensively.

- Michigan State's defense against Northwestern's offense is not a good match for the Spartans. this is a very testy game for MSU.

- We'll know a lot more about the Red Wings after they play five games in nine days out West at the end of this month.

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Blogger kev.det said...

I'm glad you made this point about the consistency of his comments. The other things he has said have been much more substantive and I think the Carr sympathizers and the Rich Rod haters are blowing this up a bit in an effort to make Leach look "petty." I think Carr is materially responsible for the gradual deterioration of the Football Tradition built by Bo & carried by Mo. As a double-time Spartan fan & full-time Buckeye/anyone playing UM fan, I was relieved that Carr blocked the hiring of Les Miles. Miles was the only real, viable link that could keep that Tradition alive. The hiring of Rich Rod sounded the death knell to the "Those Who Stay" Tradition. I think Leach holds Carr responsible for that and Carr's continued silence respecting the new program coupled with his non-chalant behavior as displayed in IA, continues to aggrivate Leach. Leach has so many good points, but, I kinda question his choice to hone in on this incident. It tends to trivialize his other concerns.

1:14 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

kev. det,
Obviously, you have followed this closely and have an understanding of this. Rick's motivation is anything other than making sure the head coach gets support - like Lloyd received all those years.

12:14 PM 

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