Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What If Ernie Sims Wasn't Drafted By The Lions?

Ernie Sims is the latest Lions' player I'm wondering about.
Not because Sims isn't a good player. He is. Not because he isn't tough nor hardworking nor talented. Not because I look at Ernie Sims and see part of the Lions' problem.
I just wonder how things would have worked out for Sims had he been drafted by another organization.
Would he be a playmaker? Would he be a Pro Bowl-caliber player?
You wonder how many players the Lions' losing culture has hindered down through the years.
For example, what if the Lions had drafted Andre Johnson instead of Charles Rogers with the second overall pick in the 2003 draft? Johnson might be the best receiver in the NFL right now. It's not like he was selected by a winning organization, either. The Texans have mostly struggled. But how would it have gone had he been a Lion. Conversely, how would it have gone for Rogers, who has had persistent trouble away from football, had he been drafted by Houston - or any other organization other than the Lions.
I feel for Sims, who hurt his shoulder in the Lions' loss to the Vikings Sunday. An injury is an injury. It can happen any time to any player on any team. Yet, I can't help but think somewhere else Sims' career might be going better.

Random Thoughts

- Matt Millen is dreadful on Monday Night Football. He adds absolutely nothing. Can't understand ESPN's fascination with him.

- Peyton Manning was beyond incredible Monday on that final drive against the Dolphins. Right now, he is the best quarterback in the league, although Drew Brees is running a close second.

- If Rick Porcello wins 15 games and the Tigers capture the American League Central, how can Porcello not be Rookie of the Year?

- I think one of the most intriguing players in the NHL this season is going to be Marian Gaborik. Seems like he was held back by Jacques Lemaire's system in Minnesota. If healthy, he will have a huge season for the Rangers. Certainly the skill is there in abundance.

My column in Tuesday's Oakland Press about the Tigers http://tinyurl.com/no6fxr



Blogger Steve said...

Agreed about Ernie Sims. I like his heart and attitude, but so far he seems to be just adequate... never making that impact play. In fact, against Adrian Peterson, I couldn't tell you how many times I watched Sims be the first man to greet AP, and then get faked out of his jock. One of the times I swore he tore up his own knee.

1:33 PM 
Blogger maddog52 said...

Can't we say that about a lot of lions.. Truely! I tell you the biggest blunder I think the lions made was the Mike Williams one. The other ones you could kind of see why they would take the players they did (first round only). but to me I saw Ware and Merrimen and was like dude they are going to pick williams.

I like Ernie, but he hasn't showed up in a lot of games either. So I'd say he has been just ok for us. As bad as the lions have been I do like what I've sceen so far from our young talent. Something we never scene in the past . I know a win is a win but that is the only positive I got so far this season. I'd like to see more of pettigrew early on. But the potential is there.

ON the Tigers.. I tell you what I would go with Rayburn the rest the year in LF. Then I'd do a Huff/Guillen/Thames at DH who ever jim feels has the hot bat. My mind Rayburn has earned it. Magglio is hitting great. I just don't see the need to do much platooning here on out. Rayburn isn't the best fielders I get that. But hell is the other options really that much superior. Not to mention is seems like Rayburn is one of the only guys who can hit on the road. Like the lions I am just saying it was just nice to see some of your young guys play this year for the Tigers to see what we got.. Jsut seems like to many times in the past we wait (like the Pistons) so you'd never know.. The successful teams know how to incorporate the young and old. Which is why I think the Wings will continue to have success. If Porcello goes to the playoffs and gets a win hands down he is the ROY.

12:17 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I wonder if his talent would have come out better somewhere else. He is fast and a fierce tackler. Last season, that whole season, seemed to get to him in the same it did Kevin Jones, who was also a pretty player when the Lions got him.

12:20 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I agree about Mike Williams. He just couldn't play. And they passed on so many good players with thatr pick. Raburn is a gamer.

12:21 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Sims is what he is - a good not great player. If he wasn't drafted by Detroit he would have been drafted much lower. I don't think he was better than Chad Greenway who went #17 that year.

9:53 AM 

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