Monday, September 21, 2009

Time For Tigers To Take True Control Of AL Central

This is the week the Tigers should take control of the American League Central.
The Tigers should crush Cleveland in Cleveland. Edwin Jackson, Rick Porcello and Justin Verlander vs. that lineup?
In the meantime, the Twins will be in Chicago facing mostly difficult pitching matchups.
Then again, the Tigers should have pummeled Kansas City in Kansas City. Obviously, they need to respond with more urgency, not less, after their big victory in Minnesota Sunday. It can't be like it was following their last huge road victory in Tampa.
This is a club that, for some reason, seems to get a little too comfortable when things start going well.

Random Thoughts

- Even though the Lions haven't come close in their first two games, and the mistakes continue, I see signs they are better coached from the standpoint they are being put in position to make plays.
They not only blitz more, but guess right. They did make it difficult for Adrian Peterson to get his yards. They did get to Brett Favre a few times. There weren't a bunch of receivers running down the field open, which was so often the case in the past, particularly last season. The Vikings just have much better athletes on offense than the Lions on defense.
It's predictable what teams are doing to Matthew Stafford. What he does best is throw deep. What they have done is take away the deep throws. You'll know he'll have matured when he starts picking apart defenses for doing so.

- A couple scouts I've talked to from other organizations rave about fullback Jerome Felton. The Lions need to take advantage of him as a receiver more. He is also a pretty good inside runner.

- The one thing about Michigan State's season is that it is still all there for the taking - despite the losses to Notre Dame and Central Michigan. It's all about a weakened Big Ten. The Spartans are more than capable of winning this week at Wisconsin. They do have Michigan at home - and it will be the Wolverines' first road game. State doesn't play Ohio State this season. After the next two weeks, there might a completely different feel about the Spartans' season.

My column in Monday's Oakland Press about Lions-Vikings game



Blogger Barry said...

No worries here Pat, Tigers are not that good of a team that is why they are streaky. They will probably go on a win streak and lose 3 or 4 in row and so on but end winning the division. I will be happy if they win one series then bow out. Jackson is due for a good game.

12:21 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

They should win three in a row in Cleveland. Everything is setup perfectly for them.

10:17 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

high probability for at least 2 of three ... but you never know with this team.

9:33 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Hey, Tigers already have their two. Seems likely they will make it three of three.

12:22 PM 

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