Friday, September 11, 2009

Some Random, Rambling Thoughts

- Honestly, I don’t know what is more pathetic - the Tigers’ getting swept in Kansas City or the Twins inability to take advantage of it.
- I DVR’d Central Michigan’s game at Arizona, and the Chippewas’ offensive line really struggled to protect QB Dan LeFevour, especially when CMU went to a total spread offense and emptied its backfield. LeFevour had no time whatsoever to throw. It’s why the Chips got just six points. It will continue to be a problem Saturday against MSU. Central does have a great player in middle linebacker Nick Bellore. Defensive end Frank Zombo is tough, too. Not sure if the Spartans will be able to run the ball effectively. Kirk Cousins and Keith Nichol will be forced to throw. You’ll get much more of a feel for the Spartans’ QB competition from this game.
- It’s difficult to discern and still falls under the category of the great unknown, but I have a feeling Notre Dame is much improved this season and will beat both Michigan and Michigan State.
- Great pitching matchup Sunday at Comerica Park between two rookies. Toronto’s Ricky Romero is every bit the Rookie of the Year candidate as the Tigers’ Rick Porcello.
- I do believe the Lions will lose Sunday, but suspect they will cover the spread. The Saints defense was mediocre last season and I don’t where it will be improved. We’ll see if new defensive coordinator Gregg Williams will make that much of a difference. He is known for blitzing. A good test for Matthew Stafford.



Anonymous Chief said...

The Tigers just didn't feel like playing with any kind of mental approach in the field, at the plate, and on the mound for 3 games against the worst team in the AL. Very disappointing.

10:09 AM 
Blogger maddog52 said...

I tell you what book. Listening over the course of this baseball season and stuff u are hearing all kinds of stuff. One of the things is about 2006. Well while there are very many similarities. The one difference is in 2006 we pretty much had atleast the Wild Card wrapped up so when we tumbled down the stretch it was no big deal. This year if we tumble we are out of the playoffs. My mind that is what makes this much more exciting then 06. Cause lets be honest the one thing both those years have in common is that they were both unexpected.

At the same time The Tigers deserve to get kicked in the tail by fans cause you have a chance to push that foot on the Twins and ChiSox throat and you can't do it especially against a crap team like the Royals. My mind the pitching wasn't sharpe, but you had ample opportunity to drive in runs and we just couldn't do it.

I think the key for this team in the playoffs is who will show up offensively. Cause going into the post season I don't think there is a pitching staff that I would rather have then Detroits.

As far as Dan LeFevour. Man I tell you I love football. I really think that kid can be a major sleeper in next year's NFL draft. Esepecially if he can go to a good team. I think if Michigan pulls off the upset against Notre Dame then we as fans will be in for a real treat. If not then we better get ready for a roller coaster season. cause lets face it. Western wasn't a test. This is! My prediction cause I am a slappy Michigan will finish the yaer a top 5 team.

The NFL could you ask for a better opening then Steelers vs Titans. I am a Lions Die Hard first and for most. but the Steelers have always been my 1b team.. From Joe Greene, to Lambert, To Greg Lloyd to Palumalu is there a guy you wouldn't want on your team besides him. He is a beast.. A throw back..

College football in full swing, NFL starting, Tigers going to post season..Babcock duck hunting and wings back in camp.. I am in first place in fantasy baseball..fantasy football is starting..

I am all pumped up and ready to role book lol...

12:41 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They are both pathetic teams ... in relation to the best teams in the league...

1:09 PM 

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