Thursday, September 17, 2009

It Does Seem Like Adrian Peterson Is About To Destroy The Lions

The Lions have sometimes done well in their encounters with Minnesota running back Adrian Peterson. Relatively well, anyway.
It might be different this week.
You can’t stack up at the line of scrimmage and throw your safeties inside to just attack Peterson anymore.
Brett Favre isn’t what he used to be, and his timing with receivers has been off a bit, but he is still Brett Favre. Give him the edge of throwing with that safety in the box - and he will find a way to take advantage of it. Should be interesting how the Lions scheme to stop the Vikings. Not sure they can.
Over and under on Peterson rushing Sunday: I say 180.

Random Thoughts

- Wasn’t surprised by the length of Ernie Harwell’s speech Wednesday night. He is a brilliant story teller, but in personal conversations he is inevitably short and to the point. He got to the point quickly Wednesday - and it was wonderful. Thought he looked good, too, and walking proudly and strongly onto the field despite his ailment.

- Jimmy Howard wasn’t tested much by the Flyers Wednesday in the Red Wings preseason opener - just six shots. His development is the most important factor for the Red Wings this season. Howard must give the Red Wings a reasonable facsimile of what they got last season from Ty Conklin



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Lions don't have the defensive line to contain Peterson. He will run for 220 yards Sunday

4:38 AM 
Anonymous rakeback said...

Adrian is the best running back in the league and arguably the best overall player. He beats up on every defense, so the Lions shouldnt feel too bad.

4:51 PM 

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