Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Are The Pistons Letting The Better Coach Get Away?

I don’t know if Bill Laimbeer is going to be a great NBA coach. I only know, based on his track record., that he would have a chance.
He was a world champion as a player with the Pistons. He was a world champion as the head coach of the Shock.
He might be a bit crusty for the task, but he is also a bright guy, who understands himself and adjusts.
Michael Curry doesn’t have nearly the same qualifications. Can’t help but wonder if the Pistons let the better coach get away.

Random Thoughts

- Brooks Brown was the 34th overall pick - a supplemental selection between the first and second rounds - in the 2006 baseball draft. The Tigers got him in a deal from the Diamondbacks in April, so they didn’t have to return a Rule 5 pick. He actually pitched well last season - despite his 16 losses at Double-A. He was on a bad team and his record was good until the last month. He is 0-5 at Toledo, but has pitched well in all his starts. He was 5-0 at Erie before that. He has a pretty good sinking fastball. He could be option No.1 for the Tigers from the minors for a start. He is a right-hander.

- Matt Millen has joined the NFL Network. Steve Mariucci has been a fixture for the NFL Network. Millen basically trashed Mariucci when he fired him as Lions head coach, talking about how he didn’t instill discipline in his players nor organize practices well. Mariucci did finally criticize Millen - after Millen was fired early last season. Should be an interesting conversation between the two if it happens on camera. Wonder if Mariucci would stand up to Millen? He never did when he was the Lions coach.



Blogger Larry Baker said...

Can't see any downside to moving Brown into rotation for a trial-- particularly if Leyland thinks Miner is necessary for quality long relief (as compared to the batting practice relief served up by Robertson on Sunday).

Regarding Laimbeer-- When he took over Shock I was skeptical. He was not particularly coachable as a player and his only experience was AAU. Seemed like cynical, box-office move. But he truly has distinguished himself as bright, adaptable, quotable, driven, winner. Ironic that forward-looking league like NBA would completely discount the coaching of women and consider someone like Curry more "qualified" after 1 year on Flip's staff.

8:44 AM 
Blogger detroit24 said...

Hey Pat,
I had thought the same thing yesterday. I always felt the best coach is the one that is intimidating to the player. Even in the pro's they need to feel a nudge in the "side" once in a while. I believe Larry did it. I know Daddy Rich did it. Lets face it, most of the vet players know who Bill is while seeing him in the halls and on the walls in those same halls. He has a presents that could keep some guys in line. My fear is that he would ostracize the young players not with the organization who might only hear of his "on the court" demeanor thus negating grabbing those free agents.They may not see the Pistons as an inviting place to play. My thoughts.

11:42 AM 
Blogger maddog52 said...

I think Bill Laimbeer would be a much better motivator then what Curry is. I think he would push the right buttons to make this team want to win.. and go 100 percent. I know it is the shock but hell he won and dominated winning 3 championships. He was a winner at this level. I think he deserves a chance. If Dumars was smart he would allow Laimbeer to sit on Curry's bench. I think if Curry struggles this year with his rotation and stuff then hell you cna give Bill his shot.

12:30 PM 
Blogger Barry said...

Good point about Brown Pat, the Diamondbacks must have thought highly of Skelton to give him up. Brown did look like a MLB pitcher the game I saw through hi-lites. Does French have any quality pitches?

3:53 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Larry Baker,
Knew Laimbeer's daughter played at Country Day, but didn't know he coached AAU. He is a bright guy. Knows how to adjust to situations better than people generally think.

7:39 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

The key is to present that pressure when necessary and pull off when it is needed. Problem comes when the players don't respect the coach. Would NBA players respect Laimbeer?

7:41 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Curry wasn't given a fair shake from Dumars when it came down to the Iverson trade, but it doesn't seem like he did much to remedy the situation, either. Would Laimbeer have done better? Might have.

7:46 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Most contending teams will run prospects like Brown out therewhile they are doing well. When they stop pitching, run the next guy out there that is doing well.

7:57 PM 
Anonymous Tom Mohan said...

All I can say is I miss Chuck Daly. He was awesome. Bill Lambier is intelligent. How his famous temper mixes with the NBA egos, I don't know. Maybe he can learn to meditate from Phil Jackson.

2:09 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Tom Mohan,
There was only one Chuck Daly. There is no doubt Laimbeer would have to keep his cool with NBA players.

11:01 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kind of says alot if Dumars doesn't give Laimbeer a sniff at a bench position wouldn't it?


11:43 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Says where he stands in Joe D's mind as a potential coach for the Pistons, that's for sure.

12:49 AM 

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