Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Good Outing Saturday Could Seal The Deal For Porcello

Of all the spring training stadiums in Florida, the one mimicking the atmosphere of a regular season game the most is Steinbrenner Field in Tampa. It’s huge, and is usually filled. There is also the aura of the Yankees there.
I don’t know if it is a perfect stage to find out exactly where Rick Porcello stands with the Tigers. There isn’t such a thing in spring training. The two most-overrated times to evaluate players are spring training and during September’s roster expansion. But it will provide the best environment possible under the circumstances.
Porcello is pitching for a spot on the major league team. If he weren’t, the Tigers would have already sent him back to the minor league camp. Nate Robertson, Dontrelle Willis and Zach Miner have not pitched well. There are many scouts, coaches and instructors in the organization that have already advised Dave Dombrowski and Jim Leyland that they believe Porcello is one of the top five starters in the organization - period - and belongs in the major leagues to start the season.
Everybody will know that when Porcello takes the mound Saturday - including Porcello himself - he is pitching for a major league job. It will be revealing how he handles the pressure. I’d really be surprised, if he pitches well, if the Tigers don’t keep him.

Random Thoughts

- I have Michigan State going all the way through the bracket and winning the national championship at Ford Field. My darkhorse is Washington, which I have reaching the Final Four and losing to MSU in the national semifinals. I have Michigan beating Clemson Thursday and being ousted from the tournament in the second round by Oklahoma.
And here’s a warning: I wouldn’t take any of my advice. My track record picking in the tournament is brutal.

- Chris Osgood has clearly played himself back into the picture as being the Red Wings No. 1 goalie in the playoffs. If he keeps playing the way he has the last three games, the job will be his. The key will be how Ty Conklin bounces back from blowing the lead in the Calgary game last week.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Pat,

I think you're mistaken to think that Osgood was ever out of the picture. Ever. Conklin is a career back up. Babcock and Holland know this. From day one, both have stated, repeatedly, that they "have to get Chris Osgood going", emphasis on "have to". Ty is no more suited to carry a team through the post season than Manny Legace was.

9:13 PM 
Blogger maddog52 said...

My picks are Syracuse over Wake Forest. I kind of try to go with out what could be the obvious. I am about 50/50 in my brackets. I have had very good years and bad years. I think MSU can get to the final 4 and michigan I don't see them getting beyond round 2. If they play mature and with poise yes. ONe thing I don't understand. They always talk about the team that got screwed. Well why the hell do we have the play in game. why not let that last spot go to the squad like St. Mary's.

Osgood as I have always said is as good as the team in front of him. They play well he does well. Notice in his wins he barely faced 23 plus shots. Thus three victories. If the defense and we have turnovers in our zone like we have then well we saw what happens. Osgood won some cups. I have no fear he can't win another win. As long as the defense plays better. Speaking on the wings. How in the hell does Pavel not get nominated for the MVP this year. Is their a more deserving guy. This cat does it all man. I personally think he is the best wing on this team.

Hey book would the Tigers consider leaving a Willis or Robertson behind if they continue to struggle for extra spring training? Also would they consider a 4 man rotation with Porcello until Bonderman was ready to join the rotation?

4:33 PM 
Anonymous Marvin Caswell said...

since we have a new President and a new begining why not name the high school Barack Obama High School with the school colors red for Northern and black for central. I was born and raised in Pontiac and graduated in 1955. Otherwise just go back to the old days to Pontiac High School using the above colors. Nick name ????

7:48 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Well, it does change quickly. One bad outing by Ozzie in Calgary and it's an open question again.

2:45 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

So far, you're looking good on your NCAA picks. Willis could be left behind. Robertson will definitely be on the team.

2:46 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Marvin Caswell,
I don't know how they will handle it. But it would not be out of the realm of possibility. Many high schools are named for presidents, but not for recent ones when you think about it.

2:48 PM 

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