Monday, August 11, 2008

On The Olympics, Sheffield, Tigers And PGA

It was a busy weekend in sports from Oakland County (PGA Championship) to China (the opening of the Olympics). These are some observations:
- The people of China are likeable. Yao was tremendous at the opening ceremony. I, like most Americans, wish them well. It’s difficult, however, to just overlook an oppressive government like that. Can’t help it, but it has tarnished these Olympics for me.
- For not having Tiger Woods involved, the PGA turned out to be a stunning success. The final holes were golf at its best. Padraig Harrington was spectacular.
- I thought Oakland Hills regained its reputation during the PGA. I hadn’t heard "The Monster" reference as much in recent majors and the Ryder Cup. Seemed like improved equipment had caught up with it. Not anymore, after they tweaked the course. It was demanding, but fair. And so much for the docile weather conditions in Southeast Michigan, eh?
- Gary Sheffield’s comments about not wanting to DH and playing in Boston were inappropriate.
The Tigers gave him a lot of money, and fans in this town have been unquestionably supportive of him and the Tigers, despite his lack of production. Nobody is going to sympathize with those sentiments.
- The Tigers will win some games in the next few weeks if for no other reason than they are home. The problem is they have to jump over two teams instead of one, and eventually will have to get back out on the road.
- Can’t wait for the Lions second preseason game. Wonder how much time Drew Stanton will get? If it were up to some fans, he would take every snap. Don’t blame them. He’s a local kid with a lot of potential.
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Blogger Andrew M. Fanco said...

Maybe someone should show him the video of him playing left field. I'd rather have Thames/Joyce out there. Can he clear waivers, and if so can the tigers get anything of value? I think alleviating some of the cost would be nice.

Who's desperate for a .220 hitting below average left fielder though?

2:23 PM 
Blogger Barry said...

Hey Pat, I think all parties involved feel the same way as Gary does, just move on. This is a green light for DD to accommodate Gary before the Waiver tradeline or during the off season. I hope he gets hot and then trade him. Trade him for a salary dump and reload for next year.

3:17 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Andrew m. fanco,
He is not as good as Joyce out there, but is better than Thames. Thing is, he can't stay healthy playing in the field. DH is the best way to protect Sheffield from injury. As for clearing waivers, let somebody claim him. They would be responsible for his salary this year and next. That isn't going to happen. The Tigers have probably already put him on waivers and nobody has claimed him.

8:09 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

He has no trade value whatsoever unless the Tigers pick up virtually all his contract.

8:10 PM 

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