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On Pudge, Scotty, The Bullpen And Lion Rookies...

Trammell was the Tigers manager. Seems like his teammates respected Pudge’s place in the game more than liked him, or thought he was that much of a differencemaker. Jim Leyland seemed to fall in the same category, and unlike Tram, did stand up to Pudge when necessary. There were no tears shed when he was traded to the Yankees. Mostly just shrugs.
But I have to admit, I found him to be fascinating player. He is an incredible athlete. Definitely a cut above any catcher I have ever seen so regularly, including Bill Freehan and Lance Parrish.
Even at 36, that remains the case. The way he receives pitches. His footwork behind the plates. His arm. Pudge is exceptional. There has never been another player like him. It made the deal, especially for Kyle Farnsworth, who represents such a retread around these parts, difficult to stomach.

Random Thoughts

- Being with the club in Cleveland, I have never seen Leyland as uncomfortable about one aspect of his team as he is currently with his bullpen.

- Jimmy Devellano, Ken Holland, Jim Nill, Steve Yzerman, Mike Babcock - how much brain power is needed? Scotty Bowman will be missed only for the memories. And it’s understandable why he is going to Chicago. Family comes first.

- Can the Tigers go 35-19 in their last 54 games to win 90 games?. They are 32-22 in their previous 54, believe it or not.

- I have a feeling this is going to be the Lions best rookie class in a long time. There two keys: Can Kevin Smith stay healthy - always an issue for an NFL running back. And when is Gosder Cherilus going to emerge? He is massive. Look for Jordon Dizon to be a pleasant surprise.


Blogger Fred Brill said...


I don't think anybody really believes Farnsworth's the answer. But I guess Pudge needed to go.

I do feel ripped off though.

I took the passing of the trade deadline with only Farnsworth to show for the Tigers to be telling us "we're not tossing good money after bad".

The boys we have should be capable of winning 35-19, but it ain't likely. But who knows - maybe a lighter air in the locker room with a giggling Inge might make the game fun for these guys again.

I'll miss Pudge myself. It was something special to have him. We can always say we had the best catcher of our generation wearing the old English D.

I guess we can say goodbye to the Pudge statue out in center field now too.

2:50 PM 
Blogger Barry said...

Hey Pat, judging by the reaction of the players and fans the Yanks sound like they got the better deal. Farnsworth can pitch but which Mr.Farnsworth is going to show up. The good one or not so good one. This might be indication or trend that the Tigers will continue to fix their bullpen in 08/09 off season. This move will also determine if Inge can handle catching full-time. This also allow Raburn to get a little action to see if he is MLB ready. I think Raburn can hit 10 to 15 HRs, 75 RBIs, 10SB, and hit 275 if playing full-time. Not great but he not going to hurt you. I hope they continue play Thames to see if he has role next year.

2:55 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Fred Brill,
I know what you're saying, Fred. They didn't really the match the other contenders at the deadline - and it was Pudge who went. Who knows, maybe Farnsworth will surprise people. He does have electric stuff.

6:15 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Problem with Farnsworth, is the bad one shows up too often. Just look at his career numbers. They say a lot. As for Raburn, I think the more he'd play, the less effect he would be. He is, at best, a backup player.

6:16 PM 
Blogger maddog52 said...

You know what is bother some about the Tigers right now. Is that wins are their for the taking they just aren't grabbing them. I mean you look at cleveland they were making blooper DVD's giving the TIgers a chance. Then you got guys like Thames striking out with the bases juiced and 1 out. Polonco hitting short popups like he did at the beginning of the year. Sheffield just not hitting period. Even Mags hasn't been sharp when it comes in runners in scoring position. Then you got the pitching who when they do get the lead give it right back. 9 walks by tampa and we lose that game. I don't know I just don't see that type of urgency or spunk this team played with in 06 and for the better part of 07. Which is why I still think best case scenerio is they finish above 500. You know a move they could make is why not go get Livan Hernandez who the Twinkies just dumped. He is better then Nate or Miner. To a lesser degree in Rogers. I'd make a play.

I tell you book just the rumblings starting and the little commercials with Football I am pumped and ready for the season to begin. I actually like the Georgia Bulldogs and thing they deserve the top spot at the moment. Though I think OSU will be very descent this year again.

As far as teh Lions I just hope they don't putz around with Tatum Bell. If Kevin Smith is better give him the damn job already.. Know waht I mean. The vikings didn't putz aronud with Peterson he was better for the most part it was his job. I think Tatum bell could be that change of pace type and they should use him that way.
It don't matter though unless that line blocks. Boy Jon Kitna isn't getting much love. If I were the lions while the bears and vikings are making a play you should be right in there as well for farve even though it would never happen lol... anyways I am pumped and to be honest we up graded our secondary but what about that pass rush still missing?

10:21 AM 
Anonymous clemma said...

I don't get why you'd call Farnsworth a retread--the guy pitched phenomenally when he was a Tiger, and has had a good season this year. He's only 32, so it's not like he is washed up. And he automatically became the best member of our bullpen (realize that that is faint praise).

Apparently, Pudge asked for the trade and wanted to go to the Yanks. It also sounds like there was not a big demand for Pudge, which I believe. A lot of contenders could not have taken on his salary nor would have been willing to trade an important piece from their active roster, which is why I think we matched up nicely with the Yanks.

I can't romanticize Pudge's time here like other fans who might not follow the Tigers as closely. He exhibited very poor plate discipline and his extra base power really diminished over the last few seasons. You'd expect that from a guy who is 36 years old, which is why I was fine that we moved him. Not to mention his clubhouse shenanigans--I could never forget/forgive his role in Tram's demise.

From how it impacts our team the remainder of this season, I don't see a drop-off from Pudge to Inge, and we have just improved our bullpen.

Not a great trade, but a good one.

6:05 PM 
Blogger Fred Brill said...


In response to the comment:
"I can't romanticize Pudge's time here like other fans who might not follow the Tigers as closely." - perhaps you could explain that one - because it sounds like you stopped watching after Krazy Kyle and Tram left in 2005?

In deed it was time for Pudge to go. The Yankee fans were sure glad to see who they dubbed "Krazy Kyle" leave New York. An I-Rod, as they will now call him - should have cost the Yankees a bit more than this Volkswagon bus we just accquired (I do agree it's not saying much about being the best in the bullen - and he still has to prove that!)

While Tram was a great player - and might some day squeak in to make the HoF - Pudge will be voted in on the first ballot. But Tram was not a very good manager. He may one day be.

That is unless your romanticize the glory of days of 2003.

8:22 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pudge arrived bringing instant credibility to an organization in decay. The Tigers began a rise, and his impact on this cannot be discounted or trivialized.

The fact that he asked for this trade could be viewed as a troubling development in the current path of the organization. What has he seen that he now chooses this path to end his career on?


1:45 PM 
Anonymous clemma said...

Fred--Let's face it, there was no market for Pudge. Don't believe me? In spite of the multiple rumors that catchers were in high demand at the deadline, not a single one moved. In fact, the Nat's dropped Paul LoDuca and Johnny Estrada right after the deadline. Surely the Nats would have gladly accepted a bag of balls if there had been any interest.

Pudge had a couple of good seasons for us at the beginning of his contract. His play, offensively, the last two seasons was abysmal. Refusals to draw a walk, a diminished slugging % and a penchant for hitting into DP's make me not miss the guy anymore.

Also, let's not canonize the guy for accepting a contract from us when he had zero other options. Both the media and fans gloss over this point when they credit him for any resurgence. I'm glad he signed here, and the team did start to turn around when he came on board, but that was not just his doing. It was a combination of things.

I don't understand your point about Tram? Are you saying because Pudge was a better player that Tram deserved to be treated poorly by him? Or because Tram was not a good manager? Let's agree that our principals are a bit different. Just because you're an outstanding player, doesn't give you license to behave poorly. And for those of us who grew up watching Tram play his entire career, that was hard to stomach. Was a Tram a good manager? No. Did he deserve to be treated better from Pudge (and Dmitri)? Yes.

10:07 PM 

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