Wednesday, July 16, 2008

All Star Game Making A Comback

Baseball’s All Star Game was a hit this year. The high drama at the end was welcome. The festivities at Yankee Stadium interesting, but not overdone.
It came in stark contrast to 2002 when Bud Selig called the game in extra innings because the teams were out of pitching. You know, as if it is some spring training game. And this year reminded me of extra inning All Star games in the past - when the game really meant something to both leagues.
When I was a kid, the National League used to win it every year. The lone exception was in 1971 at Tiger Stadium, which has to be the greatest All Star Game of all-time with the six future hall of famers hitting home runs, including the monster shot off the light tower by Reggie Jackson.
Now it’s the American League that just doesn’t lose this game. Maybe adding that the winning team gets home field advantage is working.. Seemed like the National League was actually disappointed it lost.

Random Thoughts

- Considering what is happening with Tiger Stadium these days, I must admit a sense of sadness every time Jackson’s home run in ‘71 was shown. And it was shown a lot. Loved those dark green seats.

- Last year, when I was at the All Star Game in San Francisco, I became completely turned off by home run hitting contest. It went on for way too long. It just wasn’t very interesting. It was too much of a staged, made-for-TV event. By the end, honestly, I wasn’t paying much attention. It seemed odd because I did enjoy it very much at Comerica Park in 2005 when Pudge did so well, and Bobby Abreu won it. Seems like the show Josh Hamilton put on this year revived it.
There sure was a lot of buzz about it, and it wasn’t just ESPN driven.

Note: There will be no blog update Friday. The next one will be Monday. Have a great weekend.


Blogger maddog52 said...

hey book what's happening. I tell you what I kind of enjoyed the all start game last night. I loved the base stealing. The solid pitching. Timely hits. I will say this I think the beginning was way to drawn out. Why not start some of that stuff maybe at 7:30 instead of all the pregame talk. This way right at 8. they could get started. I liked how they honored their heroes of yester year. But don't it bother you at all seeing only Al Kaline from the Tigers. It be nice just to see Morris, Trammell, and Lolich out there. I think all are deserving.

As far as the game itself. I like that it can't end in a tie. At teh same time. Doesn't it take away something from the regular season when a team does really well and can't earn home field. Let's say just as an example the Phillies end up with the best record in baseball. Shouldn't they be rewarded. I think Selig just needs to come up with something else. All star games are suppose to be exhibition. As far as the derby. I watched it cause I am a sports loser and need my fix LOL. But I get bored quickly with it. and was not into it half way through hamilton's show.

Another thing is I know this is the last year of Yankee stadium. I went there one time in 96 and I admit I got a chill and was in awe by the whole thing.

On The Pistons subject.. I don't know about that Billups for Bierdens talk. I mean is that really a big move or a significant upgrade. If Joe pulled that off I don't know if Piston fans would be happy with it. Even the McGrady move I think we'd should proceed with caution. I think the Pistons are in a real tough spot. You have to dump a good solid core just to get one player. I think trading any 2 or three from our starting five makes any team that much better as well. Know what I am saying.

4:33 PM 
Blogger Barry said...

Hey Pat, that was a really good game and I actually watched most of it which I haven't done in a decade. I was really impress by Volquez, Papelban and Dempster in their pitching stuff. I was not impress by K-Rod. If the Fish want Pudge really bad then we need Miller back?

5:55 PM 
Anonymous casualfan said...

Book--- Great piece! Keep up the good work. I really enjoy your insight.

9:26 AM 

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