Friday, July 25, 2008

About The Tigers, Artest, Lions And PGA...

The Tigers enter their huge weekend series against the White Sox 5.5 games off the American League Central lead, and seven games behind in the A.L. wildcard chase.
What it means, is they are definitely contenders. To what degree will largely be determined by how they perform the next couple weeks. They have two series with the White Sox and one with Tampa Bay - one of the wildcard contenders. The make or break series, though, may very well be in Cleveland next week. The Indians aren’t very good, and like their trip to Kansas City, it should provide the Tigers with an opportunity to make up ground.
Also, the trade deadline is next week. Doesn’t matter what happens this weekend. The Tigers need to improve themselves. Period. They need a starting pitcher, for sure. Suffice to say, it’s a big start for Nate Robertson tonight.

Random Thoughts

- Ridiculous trade rumors are just part of the landscape, but Ron Artest a Piston? That’s out of control and utterly goofy. He has done more damage to the Pistons than anybody in team history. Part of the reason WNBA fight the other night got so much pub is because of what Artest did at The Palace when he was with the Pacers. Can’t imagine Joe Dumars being remotely interested in him. Can’t imagine William Davidson signing off on that one, either.

- Honestly, you’d think I was picking the Lions to win the Super Bowl or something. I think they will win between seven and nine games this season and be in contention for the playoffs. Don’t see where that is off-the-chart wacky or anything. Based on some of the reaction I’ve received, though, you’d think I was projecting a miracle.

- You know the PGA is missing Tiger when the biggest issue is whether Greg Norman will be there.


Blogger Barry said...

Hey Pat, the Tigers should be buyers and sellers. Since sellers have the market why not do a salary dump on some of the underachievers to get more flexible on the payroll next year. The Mets and Rays are rumoured to be looking for right-handed LF. Tigers have several. If the Tigers trade Pudge they better get equal value back! Picking up another starter such as Maddux or Bedard (if healthy) would be great. JL can get the French out of Bedard. Marte could help the lefties in the bullpen. Tigers should do something. DD did good with the Cabrera's trade, Tigers got the best player in that trade.

4:23 PM 
Blogger maddog52 said...

I am sorry book but Todd Jones I'm a roller coaster poop is not a joke any more. The fact of the matter he is blowing games that are now crucial for the Tigers. Even a lot of his saves that he does have he had 3 run leads turn in to 1 run games. You can't be happy if you are a Tiger fan. This was a game we should of won.
You know I try and give this guy the benefit of the doubt. At the beginning of the year he stated during the opening game. "You know If we fall down 0-3 please don't get down on us" Well Todd Jones fans are down on you. Him and Nate need to step up. This is serious now or Leyland needs to slap Todd Jones in that poop eating grin and put someone else in. maybe that is oging to get a Brian Fuentes or George Sherrill. The Tigers could be on a 6 game win streak right now. But what Todd.. What... No big deal.. Yo uare thick skin. Nobody cares. Get outs. All you need is freaking 3.

As far as Artest. I think it is Insane. I wouldn't trade a pizza coupon for Ron Artest let a lone T.P. T.P. is way better then Artest. I like the idea of grabbing Bierdins and maybe going for a Josh Smith if possible. But I don't see that happening with Childress going overseas.

The Lions its opening camp. let the optimism flow. LOL

10:28 PM 
Anonymous Marty said...


I find it funny that people think that an average season record wise is a complete impossibility with the Lions. I realize that they don't look as good as any team in their division, but the division looks pretty darn strong going into this year. I wouldn't doubt that the Lions are the only team with a lower than .500 record out of the North this year. I also see them as a slightly below average team (7-9 record +/- 2 games). When I told someone that at the Gym the other day, he was like "How are they going to win that many without a star running back?". I answered, "I know that Kevin Smith isn't Ladainian Tomlinson, but then I didn't predict them to win 14 games either. Smith could be an average RB, and they could win around half of their games. He shouldn't need to carry the team on his back just to win their fair share." It just seemed surreal that such mediocre expectations are so out the realm of possibility to most people. The Lions look like they will be ok this year. If the defense isn't immensely better than last year, than I don't believe that Marinelli is the right man for the team. They are now 2 years under the same Defensive Coordinator and the third year into the Tampa-2, so the players should be fast to the ball by now. All of the new players have plenty of experience in this defense as well (Except for Boddin) so there is no excuse this year for a horrible defense. But it is the expected defensive improvements that lead me to believe that they will be average this year. I hope that I am pleasantly surprized.


9:19 AM 
Anonymous Andrew Winkle said...


I caught up with your blog posts this afternoon and I figured, no post should go without at least one comment. Especially after last night's Tiger game. Thank god Three Mile Island didn't meltdown as quickly as the Tiger's chances at the division. Though the fallout might be equivalent to Chernobyl in the Ukraine.

Nate wasn't great but he did his job. Zoom-zoom zigged. Rodney looked mah-velous. I was hoping Leyland would leave him in to pitch the ninth. But then Jones was ever so close to finishing them Chisox before I got cheesed off.

Still the Tigers have Verlander tonight and Miner tomorrow. I just can't quit loving those Tigers. Still thinking Willis may yet come back this season. Still love watching the Gambler pitch. So reminiscent of Frank Tanana in 1987.

Now those other local felines should consider giving LA a supposed NFL franchise. Only way I can figure the Motor City will be done with the candy coated M & M's.

5:24 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

In my opinion, you've got to be one or the other. You are either going for it - or not.

12:48 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I don't think Fuentes or Sherrill would help the Tigers that much. They need a closer who throws hard. To me, closers who don't throw hard are living on borrowed time. The exception is Hoffman because of his changeup.

12:49 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I think the Lions are a better team than most people do. However, I can't get over how thin they are at running back, especially given the renewed emphasis on the running game. To me, that's the No. 1 concern, and could cost them big-time.

12:51 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Andrew Winkle,
It was good to Robertson pitch well. He is a better pitcher than he displayed this season. Zumaya has been disappointing. Just when they start counting on him, he doesn't pitch well or gets hurt.

12:53 PM 

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