Monday, July 21, 2008

Tigers Could Be Finding Level Soon

The Tigers have been this utterly frustrating entity. One day they lose in some maddening fashion - and the season seems to be over. The next, they win, while the White Sox and/or Twins lose - and they appear to be anything but done.
Down the line, every Tigers player and pitcher, with the exception of Marcus Thames, is having a subpar year based on the standards they set the previous couple seasons.
On top of it, Gary Sheffield and Edgar Renteria have been mere shadows of what they used to be, their lack of production staggering. Dontelle Willis and Jermey Bonderman aren’t even in the rotation when there was a reasonable projection they would combine for between 25 to 30 victories.
Considering all this, is it necessarily a bad sign?
I mean, it could be looked upon as if this just isn’t the Tigers season. Or it can be concluded the Tigers have had all this go wrong - and they are still in a pennant race.
Last season, the Rockies were .500 after 102 games and reached the World Series. And the Phillies were 48-48 and six games back on July 20 last season before winning the National League East.
The last thing the Tigers should do at this point is quit. It could be just a matter of time until water finds it level.


Anonymous Marty said...


I don't think anyone is writing the Tigers off, it is just going to be difficult for them. Especially considering that the White Sox really don't have any major holes on their team (nor did they last year, but they fell apart just like the Tigers did this year). If they were in the National league it would be different, but they have almost no chance of making the Wild Card in the AL if they are only at .500 right now. I don't like their chances because they don't seem to play hard for 9 innings, only 5-6 in the beginning, and generally coast at the end. That doesn't mean that they have no chance. They just need to start playing hard throughout the game (or more accurately play with a good level of concentration - playing hard is often a bad thing; especially something as skill oriented as hitting or pitching.) They need to finish strong, and they can get in. The problem is that they have an uphill battle, so it isn't likely that they will make it, but it wouldn't be unheard of if they did make it.


1:48 PM 
Anonymous Bryan152 said...

Absolutely they should not quit. However, they should see precisely where they are at the end of this week after the White Sox come to town. If they're within 4 or 5 games, I'd say stay put at the deadline. Otherwise, start selling. If they continue to play poorly within their own division, there's no way they can expect to make the playoffs.

Oh and Leyland should keep a short leash on Miner because we have a seemingly capable starter in Chris Lambert who's licking his chops right now in Toledo for a shot at the bigs. I do think Miner is better suited as a relief pitcher though, less pressure on every pitch means he's less likely to overthrow and constantly miss his targets.

1:54 PM 
Blogger Fred Brill said...


I cheated and peeked at the end of this season's schedule. The White SweatSox and the Twin's end the season beating the snot out of each other. I'm not making any guesses as to who will be leading the Central when that time comes.

Our boys will be fighting off the Devil Ray's - who I will predict to be fighting tooth and nail with the Red fishnets.

It COULD be very exciting. But man, this last two weeks ain't been exciting. You nailed it right on the head in your post.

It's not easy being a 'homer' this year.

A ten game rip by our guys when the division is cold - and we're flying - but the same losing streak by us - and we are dead.

Thing is - given these first 98 games, I will always be worried that the cold Tigers will show up with no warning.

It was easier in 2003 and we knew they stunk.

In 2008 - at the hundred game mark - we still don't know if they stink.

9:10 PM 
Blogger Barry said...

Hey Pat, when you put offense first what do you expect. They look great when they score 14 runs and cover up their weakness. Then when the offense stutter their weakness get exposed. Look at the Renteria deal. Tigers probably knew his range had decreased over the last couple of years, but I think they saw another 300 hitter that would make up for it on offense. I guess in the Tiger's World, offense comes first.
One thing for sure is the Twins know baseball, look at their actions. They put stock into a closer and two left handed bats. They let go their Ace and right handed all star CF. They choose a closer and left handed bats over an ace and all star right handed bat. The Tigers went the opposite way, they put stock right handed bats and starting pitching. I feel more comfortable what the Twins did. The Tigers still can win if they hit ball.

8:12 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I don't like the way they have looked a lot of times this season, either. But despite how poorly they have played at times, the Tigers can make up ground very quickly. That's especially true when the Twins are on the road, or, as we've seen before, when they are hosting the White Sox.

5:33 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I don't think they should be sellers under any circumstances. That's where you and I differ. In my mind, they can't be sellers and not be quitters.

5:38 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Fred Brill,
I must admit, the Tigers are confusing. In that way, I think it's only added to the frustration their fans feel about the season.

5:41 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

The offense first thing doesn't work. The Tigers were so good in 2006 because of their pitching. Their hitting was only in the middle of the pack.

5:42 PM 
Blogger maddog52 said...

Book I agree 100 percent with you on the Tigers shouldn't dump. I think they should fight this thing out. One thing that is pissing me off I would admit is how everyone talks about needing a fifth starter. Well you know what they may need to. Personally I have more trust in Bonine, and Miner then I do in the self proclaimed bull dog Nate Robertsuck. The guy has that one boner inning he can't elude. You figure with the reward he got in the off season and with bonderman and Willis going down. He'd step up some. THe dude has given up more then 7 hits and 4 runs in like 14 of his 19 starts. Most come in one inning. If the Tigers get another starter hell I think they can solve their bull pen issue as well. Though a little pricy, but I think they should really consider moving the bull dog as our lefty ace out of the pen.

But like I said that would be only if they can figure out who to replace hime with. To me getting rid of pudge is obsurd. Matter of fact I'd bring him back another year. Who are you going to get better. Personally I love Inge playing the backup catcher, super cyborg sub. He can get plenty of playing time. I just think you have other positions in need of filling then to worry about catcher. Just my opinion. Sheffield now if you could get him for some minor leaguers yeah I'd do it. but that is it.

we are only 5 out. I'd say ride it out. This team isn't consistant enough to piss you off or get you excited. Taht is why I think if they don't take off worse case scnerio they finish like 82 - 80 or some where a long them lines. But look at the bright side they are playing better and gthey play KC and Cleveland 22 games.

Bu the guy I am calling out is Nate. He's been around long enough. He needs to put up or get booted out the door next year. my opinion.

9:09 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

To me, Bonine was getting overwhelmed in the major leagues and they got out of him all he has to give. He just doesn't have good enough stuff to be a major league pitcher. At least it seemed that way. Robertson has to be better. They can't get anything for Sheffield, even if they picked up his salary.

1:38 PM 
Blogger Marvingpte said...

Pudge can be forgiven for his overthrow to 3rd last night. 99% of the time he makes that play. It's his and other Tigers at-bats that are revealing. Bases loaded, 1out, he grounds into a 2ble play! His job was to hit at least a fly to the outfield. Not only didn't he do it..he DIDN'T EVEN TRY!!!!!
Compare Chi to Det. Dye hits an outside pitch into the right field stands..Sheffield puts the same pitch in the stands behind him or on the ground to short. Tigers are not able to do situational hitting to help advance runners by making changes in their approach to help the team! I think because they won't try i.e Shef, Rodriguez, or just can't i.e. Inge, Rentoria. Sure, the relief pitching was ineffective but the Tigers had many opportunities yesterday and other games to put the other team away and just couldn't deliver like Minnesota, Chicago and that's due to team philosophy about their approach to hitting!

1:41 PM 
Anonymous JohnnyMars said...

its called a .500 club, some night you look great, some nights you look like dog poop, its what .500 teams do, and that is all this team sadly is

12:49 PM 

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