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The Lions, Ozzie, Hart And A Recipe For Disaster

If the Arizona Cardinals were smart - and based on their dubious past nobody is going to accuse them of that - they would open the retractable roof of their sparkling nearly-new stadium Sunday and let all the heat and sunshine in.
For hot weather road games this season have been like Kryptonite for the Lions. Remember Philly and D.C. and oversized - but extraordinarily-talented - nose tackle Shaun Rogers running around with his tongue hanging out? It is supposed to be in the lows 80s and sunny on Sunday in the Valley of the Sun.
This is a trap game for the Lions. They are all full of themselves after routing the Broncos last week - and they should be. The Lions have been terrific thus far. The Cardinals have some excellent players, particularly at the skill positions offensively, but are still floundering. They have been tougher at home, though. If the Lions are for real, they should win this game. The Lions need to accumulate as many wins as possible now because the schedule gets much more difficult later. That’s if they want to shock the world and make the playoffs.

Random Thoughts

- With Dominik Hasek missing several games because of nagging injuries, Chris Osgood has been playing excellent hockey for the Red Wings. There is, obviously, still some tread left on his tires, so to speak. Given Hasek’s propensity for coming up with injuries at strange times, Osgood’s solid form is a great development for the Red Wings.

- I like Mike Hart’s spunk. Good for him calling out the Spartans after Michigan’s victory. The guy was 4-0 against MSU. He earned the right. Sparty must understand such abuse is part of the rivalry when you never win.

- Here’s a recipe for disaster for the Tigers: Todd Jones as the Tigers closer without Joel Zumaya setting him up.
Jones is a good closer, but not for the elite team the Tigers crave to be - not without a great setup man.
Fernando Rodney doesn’t fit that fill. Zumaya did during 2006.


Blogger Barry said...

Hey Pat, I do agree with you on this. I know stats isn't everything but hitters do have 267 avg against him and his Whip this year was 1.42. To bad Tigers could not sign Riveria or if that fails get Cordero. This will cost them a 1st round pick but how many times are you going to find a Porcello that late in the draft.
I like Dotel, if healthy, over Linebrink,Riske or Jones as a set-up guy because I think he would be a better fit. Signing Rogers is cool and that could allow them to make a trade to upgrade their starting rotation or LF.

11:36 AM 
Blogger maddog52 said...

Here are my thoughts Book.

The lions I think can prove a lot even though it is Arizona. If they come out and beat the Cardinals they will be 7-2. Confidence would be extremely high. They will only be 3 wins away from Kitna's prediction. To me the key is the defensive line. Shaun Rogers needs to continue to show up. He does it's amazing how everybody else over achieves on that side of the ball. Offensive side I think the key is to keep running the ball. To me that is why they been successfull the past few weeks. They are finally figuring this thing out.

Red Wings are playing Pheonminal. Osgood to me has always been a goalie whose status is as good as the team plays in front of him. Guys like Lebda, Chelios, and Lidstrom have been extremely solid defensively making Osgood's life easy allowing him to hold ground and not lose the games. I don't feel he is stealing games like a dominant goalie, but he is more like a game managing QB. He is not losing the game for us. Which is why I think this team is a lot better then folks realize. WHy we are on the wings. You know one wing not to many folks are talking about becasue they really don't need to, but is Draper. isn't it ironic how he was an absolute stud, gets his contract (right before the strike) then was pretty much abscent the last couple of years. Then this year when they are having contract negotiaions and during that time he like scores all 5 goals during that week of discussions and hasn't done nothing since. I know we love our wings, but some of these guys what is the infactuation with them. Know what I mean.

Which brings me to the Tigers and even the Pistons.

the Pistons have been successful with the group they have no doubt. I like McDyess, but in my mind he should come off the bench. I think the Pistons would be better served with Maxiell in the starting lineup. Mostly cause his energy and work around the glass. The reason why the Pistons lost that game against the bulls was they couldn't get important rebounds second chance points. I think Maxiell gives them that. Not to mention easy second change/put back type points. Another thing is Flip has got to get Amir in there. Mohammed just isn't worth the minutes that you can be using to evaluate Amir. IF this guy is so good let's see it. All that said people talk about Kobe and stuff. To me Kobe isn't the guy we need for this team. We need an energy guy in the paint. Someone like a Al Jefferson would of been good. Another guy I think they can maybe make a bid for especially if the Wizards struggle and probably can get him for not much is Brendan Haywood.

As far as the Tigers go. My mind they should sign Cordero and Rivera why not. I'd rather see either one of those guys then Todd Jones. To me I'd like to see the tigers make a play for another starter. I like Rogers, I just don't trust him for a full season. I think it is necessary for insurance reasons more then anything.

2:08 PM 
Anonymous woody said...

Not really sure who the Tigers are tracking right now for closer beyond Jones. One guy that intrigues based on the past is Gagne, but he really became a forgotten man for the Bosox in the playoffs. I believe this was his first year back from Tommy John surgery, so he may yet gain some ground toward his previous form. This is where the major league scouts and medical consultants for the Tigers earn their keep, in advising whether it's worth the investment.

Also wondering if Tigers will pursue another closer-type if they do re-sign Jones. Are they making promises to Jones that he will have the closer role again?

1:30 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Rivera would be ideal. I think they should do everything possible to sign him. They are trying to win now and he is the best closer of all time. Cordero is the next best option. Dotel is too inconsisten, in my opinion, to provide the Tigers with what they need. He is about the same level as Todd Jones in tha regard. I like Linebrink best among the setup men. Riske tends to be hot and cool year by year.

9:10 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

We'll see how the Lions respond Sunday without their best pass rusher, White. Their entire defensive line has been playing well. Osgood's career has been underrated. He has an excellent winning percentage and did win a Cup as the No. 1 goalie. Draper's line has been playing exceptionally well - even after he stopped scoring all those goals. I think the Red Wings' defensive corps is excellent.

9:13 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

They seem to be sitting on their hands or trying to make a trade for relief help when there are two prime closers, Rivera and Cordero, out there as free agents. Gagne pitched well with Texas, but was awful with the Red Sox when put on a contender. He is not the same as with the Dodgers and would be risky.

9:16 PM 

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