Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It's About Brains, Not Bucks

There goes the theory in baseball you have to spend money to win. I mean real money. The kind the Yankees and the Red Sox fork out on their player payrolls.
Barring a comeback from a three games to one deficit by the Red Sox in the American League Championship Series - which seems unlikely because of the pitching matchups - it will be the Colorado Rockies and the Cleveland Indians in the World Series.
And it will be refreshing because both organizations did it the old-fashioned way by developing their own players and making astute deals.
There are many reasons I love baseball. One is a minor league system that is unique to professional sports. I pay considerable attention to the baseball draft. I find the player procurement aspect of baseball to be fascinating. Sometimes, though, I find it discouraging that teams like the Yankees and the Red Sox will draft well, and then let their prospects go in grab-at-title deals that tend to haunt them later. Both franchises have actually done less of that in recent years. Based on the results of this postseason it is understandable as to why.
It’s not about money. It’s about being smart and evaluating talent and piecing together a roster. To me, that makes this probable World Series match up fitting.

Random Thoughts

- The best quarterback in the Big Ten? I think it’s Kellen Lewis from Indiana - despite his subpar performance at MSU. Saturday night.

- The Lions’ draft is not panning out. A sign of a good draft is depth. The Lions certainly did not get value out of the draft beyond the second round. And the first two rounds aren’t looking good to this point, although that could change if Calvin Johnson emerges and Drew Stanton performs well in the future. Both are capable.

- I like the fact the Red Wings have added some toughness in Dallas Drake and Aaron Downey. Never hurts to have a couple tough guys around, especially considering how physical the Anaheim Ducks are. And fans do like to see a good scrap one in awhile. I know I do.


Blogger maddog52 said...

So much to cover Book. Where does one start. It is just that awesome time of year where sports is at its peak.

Lets start with the W.S. If anyone would tell you at the beginning of the year the Rockies would be in the Series is full of it. this team did what is needed they caught fire at the right time. I had a couple of there under rated guys on my fantasy team. Francis, and that SS turkowiktz or what ever it is. I think it should be a great game. I am rooting for the Rockies. Cause I want to see cleveland suffer longer.

As far as the lions in my mind its hard to rate anything. Can't blame Calvin if he isn't playing. When he does play and gets the ball he looks damn good. Same with the run. How do we judge the run game when they get the ball once every 20 plays. Know what I mean.

12:13 PM 
Blogger maddog52 said...

The Pistons I think are in trouble. They say Sheed getting ejected back to back games is nothing. What it proves to me is Flip still doesn't have no control. They are slim as it is up front. They can't afford for him to be a bone head. I like the youth, but at the same time I still think Joe should of shook things up just a tad.

Wings are talking about signing Draper long term. I think they should give him a year deal. Its funny how he lights the lamp and looks unbelivable during his contract year. I.E. right before the strike. But then he didn't do crap. I like the guy but this day in salary cap we need to spend our money wisely.

Personally I have this feeling MSU will beat OSU. Ithink this year is shaping up to be the BCS worse nightmare. To where they finally have to open up there eyes. If OSU loses B.C. S.F. or Hawaii remain unbeaten. How do they not deserve the national title game. I don't care about schedules. How many years did the other teams play crap teams and still make the game.

12:18 PM 
Blogger Barry said...

Hey Pat, I do agree that fundamental management is better than spending tons of money. Jimmy, DD and Mr.I are top notch and of coarse they should be allowed to make some mistakes. The draft is a great way to build a club, look at the Twins and our own Verlander. But, money does help though and give advantage to the Yankees. To me Baseball should have some type of salary cap maybe in the range of no higher than 140 million/yr or less. If they go over than there should be a penalty of 50 cents on the dollar and divided up among the smaller or struggling markets. I think there is a soft cap in place already isn't there?

2:01 PM 
Anonymous Marty said...

I hope Cleveland wins. The Indians were always my favorite team growing up, even though they really sucked. I was upset that they lost to Atlanta in the W.S. in the 90's. Maybe they will pull it out now. At the same time, I am beginning to strongly dislike Cleveland fans. They are similar to Green Bay fans, which is to say obnoxious. I actually like the Indians and the Packers, but I hate their fans!


p.s. I wasn't at the press conference with Rod Marinelli, so I will have to take your word that he was over the line. I apologize for arguing with you over his professionalism. I still don't think a single outburst ruins a persons credability, especially if he admits it later and apologizes the the man he berated. (Which he may or may not have done; I don't know)

4:02 PM 
Blogger cpg said...

Eh. I mostly agree, but people don't credit fortune nearly enough. Look at last night's game - a dropped foul ball, an unlucky pitcher's stab, a ball that fell just short of Crisp's glove and a ball that stayed low enough for Cabrera.

It may even out over a season, but within a few series, anything can happen.

Pulling numbers out of my butt, the 50M+ the Sox spent more than the Indians this year on payroll maybe pushed their chances of winning the series from maybe 55% to 60%. It depends on your point of view whether that money is well spent.

So you can guess from my opinion that there is nothing terribly "unclutch" about the Yankees recent playoff woes, just odds. But I'm thanking lady luck though.

4:38 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

The Rockies have been a remarkable story. We'll see if they respond better to the time off than the Tigers did last year. The Lions say Johnson wasn't completely healthy for the Redskins game. He should be this week. They'd be wise to get him the ball more.

1:40 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Baseball does have a version of the cap. It is a luxery tax in which the Yankees constantly overspend and essentially hand money to the lesser franchises. It's worked out better than I had anticipated because it has helped make small market teams profitable again.

1:42 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I agree with you about Marinelli. It might have just been a bad moment and we're all entitled to some of those. He still, in my opinion, needed to called out about it. I wonder how Detroit will embrace a Cleveland championship. The Tigers and Pistons both have to go through Cleveland to get where they want to go. Wonder if that means Cleveland is our new rival?

1:44 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

The one thing about the Yankees money - it always gets them into the tournament, so to speak. After that, you're right, just about anything can happen.

1:46 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

The Pistons need Amir Johnson to be healthy. I'd like their chances better if Jason Maxiel has shown a marked improvement. Haven't seen that yet in the preseason.

1:47 PM 

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