Friday, October 19, 2007

Now The ALCS Gets Very Interesting

The way the Red Sox-Indians series is developing is fascinating, particularly the Game 6 pitching matchup with Cleveland’s Fausto Carmona pitted against the Red Sox Curt Schilling. It’s the classic match between the upcoming youngster in Carmona vs. the wily veteran in Schilling.
I have to admit to being surprised by Carmona’s success this season. His stuff, obviously, is electrifying, but I didn’t like the way he reacted during pressure situations as a closer last season. His failings, more than any other factor, took the Indians out of contention. I kept waiting for the same fold up job this season after Carmona started out so well as a starter. It never happened. He just kept, in fact, getting better. However, he didn’t pitch particularly well in his last outing. Neither, by the way, did Schilling. He did pitch well in the ALDS, but the Angels don’t exactly feature a power-laden lineup. It seems to me that Schilling is moving quickly onto the downside of his career. But he has been such a great clutch pitcher in the past, I still like him over Carmona in this game - particularly at Fenway Park. It seemed to me like the momentum in the series shifted Thursday when the Red Sox won. It wouldn’t surprise me now if the Red Sox win it. Saturday’s game will be especially important for the Indians. I don’t see them winning a Game 7 at Fenway.

Random Thoughts

- Most of the time, when active ball players step into the commentating role during the post season, they don’t do too well. Not the Tigers’ Curtis Granderson on ESPN. He has been terrific.

- The best sign of the preseason for the Pistons was the 25-point, 12-rebound performance by Jason Maxiell the other night against Denver in Grand Rapids. His emergence is a necessary ingredient for the Pistons to be successful this season. They need a strong inside presence off the bench.

- Maybe it is just me, but Dominik Hasek hasn’t look too sharp for the Red Wings early this season. I know he is a veteran and his health is the main issue, but he is going to slow down some day. All athletes do, and Hasek is getting up there in age. The Red Wings better hope it is not this season.


Anonymous Grant said...

I agree with you about Granderson. I saw him on tbs a few weeks ago and I thought...Here we go, another baseball broadcaster who is not going to be sure if he should look at the camera or the commentators...he was smooth as butter. Very confident and professional. What a class act.

1:17 PM 
Blogger Fred Brill said...


This AL series is really interesting. It is nice to see some of the Cleveland guys like Blake stepping into the next level like our guys did last year. But I think now with this series back in Boston, the winner is a coin-toss. And I think the winner of this series takes the World Series. Colorado has a long time to sit and watch and marvel at their great streak.

I didn't know Granderson was on ESPN doing comentary. Maybe I can search their website to see him.

Hasek - I think his best seasons were behind him several seasons ago - before his olympic injury. I was hoping Detroit would pick up and develop a young guy this year for goalie - but - Hasek as a name like Gretzkey and Lemeux (sp?).

2:14 PM 
Anonymous T said...

Book - yeah i was wondering about Hasek too, practically getting becnched the other night for Osgood vs the Sharks. However Osgood had beenvery good of late and would be comfortable with him in net for the long haul, if necessary.

11:09 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I see Granderson as the face of the Tigers franchise in the future - their Derek Jeter, if you will. He is not only a terrific ball player, but a solid person with great potential as a team leader.

9:58 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Fred Brill,
They need to put Granderson on TSN. I think the biggest worry people should have is that the Red Wings may be living on borrowed time with Dominik Hasek.

9:59 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Osgood has played pretty well, but if Hasek were to become a problem, they would probably give the first shot to Jimmy Howard. The Wings view Osgood as the ideal backup at this stage of his career.

10:01 AM 

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