Friday, October 26, 2007

Lions Face A Difficult Task In The Windy City

The Bears are healthier than they were the first time they played the Lions. They are coming off an impressive win at Philadelphia - a place where the Lions were absolutely routed.
To be honest with you, I look at Sunday’s game as one that will be difficult for the Lions to win.
But that’s all right. To me, it almost puts the Lions in a no-lose situation. A win over the Bears on the road, and the Lions will gain respect from what is still a large contingent of skeptics. If the Lions lose, it will be expected.
The key will be protecting Jon Kitna and running the ball with at least some degree of effectiveness. That could be difficult because the Bears defensive line is considerably better than the Lions offensive line.

Random Thoughts

- The Little Brown Jug has to be the most overrated trophy in college football history. It might have meant something long ago when both Michigan and Minnesota were powerhouse programs (we’re talking the 1930s here), but the Wolverines pretty much crush the not-so-Golden Gophers like clockwork these days. The annual rout is coming up Saturday.

- The best college football player I have seen this season is Florida quarterback Tim Tebow. I don’t believe I have ever seen a player quite like him. Not only is he among the best quarterbacks in the nation, but he would rank among the best running backs, too - if that were his position.

- The Rodney Stuckey injury does hurt the Pistons. He has energy and would have given the Pistons a lift off the bench.


Blogger maddog52 said...

I agree with this being a must for the lions. Show that they are for real and really taking this one game at a time. Show that Washington and Philadelpia were just kinks in the schedule. Another reason to win this game cause they have to face a few decent teams coming up. I.e the Giants and Broncos. Momentum is huge in the NFL. If they can beat the bears I wouldn't be so surprised that they will compete against the broncos and possibly win it or even go on a role. I think the key is like you said. RUN THE BALL. To me if they RUN the freaking ball. Then I bet you the offensive line improves in the passing game, and the passing game itself will remian dominant. Kevin Jones has looked good so far when they actually let him run the ball. I am not talking 5 or 6 times I am talking 15 to 20 times. All the good teams mix in both. With that said the Defensive line has to show up and make plays so the offense can get on the field and have the ball. But if the D- comes out and the Bears move up and down at will then we will be back to saying here we go again the bears lost another.

Speaking of D-lines. If I were the lions. Yes corner is a big position of need in the off season, but if we some how manage to pull off a decent season and get a later first round pick. With the rumors of the dolphins dangling Jason Taylor out there. If I were Millen I'd be making the phone call. That is just me.

MSU fans I think you don't have to worry as much as u have in the pass. Just by judgement I feel you guys got the coach you long for needed. I just think you need to wait for talent to catch up with the philosophy and your program will turn around. I think it is the same situation with the lions. In football you need talent. Your middle defense starting with the tackles, linebacker, safeties aren't that good.

Boy Stuckey out. Ouch that hurts. THat doesn't concern me as much as Flip Saunders does. I read an article talking about guys like Aaron Afflalo backing up Rip now that stuckey is out. My mind why not give him a chance he did all right during the preseason. Bottom line is Amir Johnson, maxiell, Hayes, and Stuckey (when he comes back) need to play serious minutes. I am talking at least 10 to 20 minutes a night. If this team is going to make it the starters need to play about 35 max a night. Look at the Spurs through out the regular season last year. Win or lose that is all guys like Duncan, Parker and Ginobli played. then when they got to the post season they turned it on. I think the stones can do it, but Saunders needs to have good games.

Also last quick news if Kobe is still be dangled out there. If Dallas can offer Jason Terry and Josh Howard. Or the Bulls giving up Deng and thomas. I think the Pistons should throw out Rip, T.P., and a number 1 draft pick for Kobe. Can't hurt to make inquiries. I think the Pisons could win it easily with Chauncey, Kobe, Hayes, McDyess, R. Wallace. Stuckey, Maxiell, and Amir coming off the bench. Wow good team.

3:02 PM 
Blogger Joe said...

Great analysis on the trade. I try to keep up with the Tigers prospects...all I heard about Hernandez is that is ceiling is high but where would he play in Detroit?...with Granderson in the fold and Maybin on his way. I figured they would trade him, but was hoping he would develop and we would have an outfield of Granderson, Maybin, and Hernandez in a few years when Sheffield is gone and Maggs' is eased into more of a DH role. Having an outfield like that could be a real edge in Comerica Park. You never know, Hernandez may turn out to be better than both Granderson and Maybin.

Although we needed a shortstop..and there were very few other view is that we gave up too much. Just a few years ago Rentaria (when he was a much better player defensively) was traded to Boston for that 3B prospect who seemed marginal. Now after he's well into his decline phase, the Tigers come along and not only give up a great prospect like Hernandez, but also a serviceable (with some upside), cost-effetive pitcher as well?

11:17 PM 

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