Monday, October 15, 2007

Henrik Zetterberg: From Very Good To Great

The Red Wings were leading the Los Angeles Kings Sunday night. It was 3-1 during the third period. Henrik Zetterberg got the puck behind the Kings’ net, pulled away from the Kings’ defense in a tight circle, while he carried the puck on his forehand as if it were on a string. Then he sniped a goal from the high slot into the upper right corner. It was a breathtaking play. And it is not all that unusual. For Zetterberg is becoming a great player.
The numbers speak for themselves. He leads the NHL in points with 12 in just six games, and he is plus 5. But his actual play has been even more impressive than his statistics suggest. Zetterberg has been unrelenting. You don’t see it very often at the NHL level where one player can control the puck for the extended periods of time like Zetterberg does. He is not only fast and quick, but extremely strong on his skates. I have always thought a lot of Zetterberg. Everyone in this town has, but I have never really thought he would develop into one of the top four or five players in the league. I always figured he was more of a Top 15 type of player. Early this season, it seems like he has become an elite player, one of the NHL’s best. That bodes well for the Red Wings.

Random Thoughts

- I know the Rockies are an incredible story, but to be truthful, I just don’t get the Arizona Diamondbacks. Even during the regular season, when they were winning all those games, I didn’t understand how. I do understand the value of a solid bullpen, but the D-backs lineup is underwhelming and their starting pitching just average after Brandon Webb. Winning the NLCS seems like stealing candy from a baby for the Rockies.

- The Lions should trade Tatum Bell. They have had a major problem with the sour attitude of selfish players in the past, and seem to have made strides in cleaning that up. Too bad they play Tampa Bay this week. After losing their top two running backs because of injuries, the Bucs would be the ideal trade partner for Bell.

- Randy Moss is a tremendous player, but the Patriots brilliance is more evident by the acquistion of Wes Welker. Talk about the perfect player for their system, especially after acquiring Moss.


Blogger mznvz8 said...

Hey Pat, I agree with you on Z very much so. In fact, I would go as far as saying that he reminds me of Federov in the early 90's during his Selke trophy year. But, one big difference....Zetterberg COMES TO PLAY EVERY NIGHT!!!

2:30 PM 
Blogger mznvz8 said...

Pat, I will go even further than my last comment....

Based on the consensus of a lot of the sports radio listeners as to why the Joe is empty these days....

"If Zetterberg were Canadian, he would be the next incarnation of Stevie Y" "....and the Joe would be filled."

Personally I believe if Z were a bit more rough and mean on the ice, ala Forestberg, he would get a lot more national recognition and help fill the seats at the Joe.

When I go to games at the Joe there are 3 things that always get people on there feet and cheering; a hot girl, a goal, and a FIGHT! In this regard at least, the NHL should listen to Don Cherry for a change.

5:20 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Zetterberg is not only extremely skilled, but he is a strong player who fight through the traffic well. He isn't fierce like Forsberg, but he is definitely not lacking toughness.

9:11 AM 

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