Friday, November 16, 2007

Finally, A Little Justice For Barry Bonds

It seems to me like the indictment of Barry Bonds by a Federal grand jury is little more than justice finally being served.
Perhaps the lawyers and judges, and the rest of those in our judicial system, look at the changes to Bonds’ appearance, and his dramatically improved performance on the field, as merely circumstantial evidence. I see it, though, as the obvious. And it does seem fitting that Bonds is being busted for lying. He has been even better at that than hitting a baseball.
What will transpire next will drag baseball though the mud. I have a feeling the surface is just being scratched., that bit-by-bit, as the years pass, the real story of baseball’s steroid era - and its depth - will be fully exposed.
The game itself deserves much better. Those who run it don’t. They turned a blind eye for too long, especially the biggest hypocrite of them all - Bud Selig. The last thing he should do is revel in Bonds’ demise. He was as responsible for covering up the issue of performance enhancing drugs in the sport as anybody.

Random Thoughts

- What if Les Miles decides to stay at LSU, which is a real possibility? Where does Michigan turn to then for its next head football coach? There is no obvious answer. Only Miles.

- The Giants won’t exactly come to Ford Field Sunday relaxed and confident. Last season, they started out 6-2 and collapsed. They ended the season 8-8 and were ousted immediately in the playoffs. This season, the Giants also started 6-2 and were drilled by the Cowboys at home last week to start the second half of the season.

- I love the vintage hockey games they are showing on the NHL Network. Just watched a Bruins-Leafs game from 1971 featuring Bobby Orr and the Big Bad Bruins. My favorite, though, was seeing the late Brian "Spinner" Spencer for the Leafs. He actually played pretty well.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see no "justice" for Barry Bonds. I am way too jaded.

The race card will be fully played. Listen to any talkshow whenever the subject is brought up. After all, he is only being persecuted because he's a black man.

Now it's just going to be played out in a public spectacle. Theater at it's best. I see no good that can come from this.


9:45 AM 
Blogger Scott (Thinking Man) said...

Hi Pat,

I have mixed feelings about the whole Barry Bonds saga. I think the man is a cheater and a liar, first of all. Ballplayers don't get better in their mid to late 30s. We have a 100 years worth of evidence to prove that, so the fact that Bonds' numbers went up so dramatically in that late stage of his career tells the story.

I don't have any remorse about him being busted by the Feds either. He knowingly lied. If he had simply told the truth to the Grand Jury, he would have been fine legally. The fact is that he thought he was above the law or could somehow sidestep it. He deserves whatever he gets.

But, in my opinion, he has't deserved this witch hunt. It seems like everyone has wanted to make him the face of the Steriod Era in baseball, and by "getting" him, it would somehow exonerate baseball. It doesn't. As you said, MLB was duplicit in this whole matter, and deserves more blame than any individual player. Baseball was still in recovery mode when the great home run race between Sosa and McGwire took place in 1998 and when Bonds began smashing them out at a record pace a year or two later. MLB looked the other way because it was good for business - period.

P.S. You and I actually have a mutual acquaintence - Neil Geoghagen. I worked with Neil at the Northville Record years ago. He is currently covering Penn State football for a chain of papers out east.

1:12 PM 
Blogger maddog52 said...

What will be interesting to me is what transpires after the Berry Bonds situation. What does he have to say for himself now? Are we the people still idiots? Do you think more guys will be called out in more of a furey? How big is that dark cloud over MLB going to expand. I also agree. Bud to me has to be the biggest Goof out of 4major sports including the NHL's boob. Mostly cause of his dimeanor towards this whole thing. Which is like you said he shouldn't gloat over this Bonds situation? He should be held at a high regard to for letting this dark cloud to cover baseball for as long as he did.

To me the lions method is simple. IF they show up and give effort. Especially Shaun Rogers. The offensive line can hold it together. Martz can pull his head out of his remember he has descent running backs on the team. I think this team will win. Cause personally other then the Giants pass rush nothing about them impresses me. I thougth the same thing about Arizona.

I tell you what I wouldn't be shocked if Michigan wins Saturday knowing that this could be Lloyd's last game in the rivalry.

5:07 PM 
Blogger Fred Brill said...

I wish baseball would have monitored itself instead of sweeping this under the tarp. True justice would be if Selig were indicted as conspirator - and also as a plain idiot.

So now our most hallowed stat is covered in sh**. No surprise now, we knew it would be.

As to Anonymous' point at the top, Bonds is no more a symbol of the black man than Bin Laden a symbol of the Muslim. Aaron before him is black, and truely a man. Bonds is more like Charles Barkley if Barkley would have used spring shoes to get more air "like Mike".

It ain't about race. It's about blatent disrespect for what's right. And a whole bunch of white guys will fall right with him.

In the big picture - it's only a game and means little that a small minded man cheated.

But Bonds lied to the the Grand Jury. 9(?) times. That means a bit more. A lack of perspective - do ya think?


I know Les Miles is a "Michigan Man", but he is coaching a great team now at LSU. The current number 1. The next coach of Michigan will be in a 100% no-win situation. If Michigan goes undefeated next year - the response will be "now that's more like it". If they rebuild slowly - it will be too slow. And the next coach will not last long enough to see the end result.

9:44 PM 
Anonymous Danny said...

Barry Bonds is reaping what he sewed. At some point, sooner or later, everyone must be accountable for their actions.

It wasn't enough for him to be in the Hall he was in 1998. Envy, Greed, and Pride took over.

It is very sad, but it is what it is.

Baseball is bigger than Black Sox, Pete Rose and Barry Bonds. It will be fine.


11:40 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I do agree with you on this. The race card is played too much on this issue. Bonds did what he did. I don't see where race plays into this in the least, and I am puzzled by that factor.

12:22 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Scott (thinking man),
Well, I am not so sure he would be fine legally. Steroid use is illegal if not prescibed. I remember Neil. I remember him as a good guy and hard working, talented journalist. Good to hear he is doing well.

12:26 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

This issue is baseball's ultimate Pandora's Box. It just might not ever end. I agree about Rogers. When he plays well, the Lions seem to win. When he doesn't play particularly well, they seem to lose.

12:28 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Fred Brill,
Seems to me Michigan doesn't have a great choice of candidates beyond Miles. If he doesn't come, where do they turn? I have no idea. Like I posted earlier, I don't see where race equates on the Bonds' issue.

12:30 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

It was ultimate greed. I just wonder what his Marion Jones press conference will be like. I doubt he will ever admit to anything publicly or apologize. He just doesn't seem to have it in him.

12:32 AM 
Anonymous Danny said...

Pat, you are probably right about him publicly apoligizing, but lawyers and the threat of doing hard time can cause people to do stange things. Perhaps he will go into rehab! LOL!

Whatever he does or says is unimportant.

Kids will see you have to pay for your actions, no matter who you are.

That will make me happy.


10:00 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Agreed - that's the good part of what is coming down.

10:22 PM 
Anonymous Marty said...


I am a little surprized that Lloyd Carr retired, but it is interesting. I have to say that this is far and away the best year College Football has ever had, at least as long as I remember. If it was like this on a regular basis, I would actually get up to watch it on Saturdays just to watch. I have always hated the "haves" and "have-nots" of college football. This year, the playing field was leveled quite a bit, and that makes for some good entertainment. I hope that Kansas or Missouri mins the National title. That would be great for college football.


12:18 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

It has been a great year for college football. I do believe Kansas will be exposed by Missouri. Missouri, though, might be the real deal. QB Chase Daniel is an outstanding player.

9:45 AM 

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