Monday, April 20, 2015

Thoughts after 6 innings Yankees, Tigers Monday

- James MaCann throwing out Jacoby Ellsbury and Jose Iglesias making the in-the-hole play on Brett Gardner were emblematic of why the Tigers are so much better this season. They have shown power and starting pitching, but the biggest improvement is defensively. Neither player was with the club last year. The play by Iglesias was one of the best I can ever remember a shortstop making on such a fast runner hitting from the left side.
- The home run by Mark Teixeria off Alfredo Simon I thought was a mistake pitch. Not the location. It was low and on the outside part of the strike zone. But it was a flat pitch. And why not throw him fastballs? Seems like Teixeria doesn't hit the hard stuff like he used to.
- C.C. Sabathia has become the classic pitcher. He is making a lot out of reduced stuff. The double play ball is killing the Tigers tonight.


Blogger Barry said...

Pat, I don't think there has been a better defensive combo at 2B and SS in Tigers history. I know Al and Lou were better all round players but I think Ian and Jose are better defensively. I knew Jose had some speed but he is fast. With Iglesias, you ain't seen nothing yet.

11:02 PM 
Blogger Barry said...

OMG Pat, they have done. If the bats go into sleep mode, the strong D and speed and good starting can keep you in the game. The issue with the bullpen is not a big deal anymore when you have everything else going so well. Soria been throwing pitching of the plate and uses the aggression of the hitter against them. The Yanks hitters did show some patient as he did groove 91 m.p.h flat fastball down the pipe for each hitter. That will eventually catch up to him but he should be successful. But when you on a roll you are on a roll.

11:11 PM 

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