Sunday, April 19, 2015

Thoughts after 5 innings White Sox, Tigers Sunday

Yoenis Cespedes has the type of talent that could win an MVP Award some day. His home runs in recent days have been absolutely incredible. He has speed, a great arm and a real good idea at the plate. He's at the point in his career where experience and his prime should merge. Today might be a sign of things to come in 2015.
- It's amazing how routine Jose Iglesias made Tyler Flowers' slow grounder in the hole look during the fifth inning. Last year, when Iglesias was out, that play was an adventure for Tigers' shortstops.
- Watching Rick Porcello struggle today in the early innings vs. Baltimore for the Red Sox, and Shane Greene sail through the White Sox order so easily, it's not a stretch to suggest the Tigers didn't lose anything by replacing Porcello in their rotation with Greene. Opposing hitters just haven't been getting good swings against Greene. It's a sign he has excellent "stuff." His command has been pretty good, too. Certainly, considering Porcello got an $82 million contract with the Red Sox, the price is right.
- With all the Tigers' right-handed thunder, I don't envision relatively soft-tossing left-handers like Jose Quintana faring well against them. Quintana appeared completely overmatched today. What a beating.

My column. The Red Wings have a lot of issues heading into Game 3 vs. Tampa Bay, but Petr Mrazek is not among them:


Blogger Barry said...

Pat, DD must have ask the Yanks twice when they offer Greene to make sure he heard it right. I know Yanks needed a ss badly.Didn't Greene throw a gem against the Tigers last year? Cespedes is no Miggy at the plate but when he get his pitch he will hit it hard. Nice speed and OF too.

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