Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Thoughts after 4 innings Twins, Tigers Wednesday

- Anibal Sanchez has been terrific through the first part of the game, just like last season. The test will be how he does the third time through the Twins' order. Last season, it was a huge problem. He averaged less than six innings per start in '14 because his ERA rose to 5.14 in the sixth inning and 11.57 in the seventh. We'll see today if he has improved in that area. It's imperative the Tigers' starters pitch deep into games to shorten the use of their decidedly underwhelming bullpen.
- I don't what the situation was for Ian Kinsler at Texas, but whatever they were, those issues have not been a problem for the Tigers. He has played excellent baseball since the day he arrived, and he continued the pattern he started last year this season. His clutch single essentially broke this game open during in the third inning. He had another clutch RBI hit in the fourth.
- You could just tell how hesitant Twins' starter Ricky Nolasco was to throw his fastball against the heart of the Tigers' order. The Tigers took full advantage of the situation as Nolasco was rendered to throwing mostly sloppy curveballs.
- If there is any lingering effect from Jose Iglesias leg injuries from last year, it is not noticeable. He is running well. It was evident on his double, when he legged out an infield single and scored from first base on a triple by Anthony Gose.
Anibal Sanchez


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