Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Thoughts after 6 innings Tigers, Pirates Wednesday

- Rajai Davis has surprising power, especially against left-handed pitching. His home run came off a change up away. Not that many batters are going to hit pitch out.
- Alfredo Simon has an average MLB fastball. His breaking ball is his out pitch. Because he is tall (6-foot-6), the 12/6 break he has consistently features makes his breaking ball even more effective because of the increased tilt. It makes it difficult for hitters to lift the ball against him. Last year, 13 of the 22 home runs he allowed were in the small ball park in Cincinnati.
- That was a nice play by Nick Castellanos in the sixth inning. Perhaps he is making progress defensively. His range is still limited, but not nearly to the same degree as last year.

My column. The case for the Red Wings stunning Tampa Bay in the Stanley Cup playoffs:


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