Tuesday, March 17, 2015

It's time to give Pete Rose his rightful shot at the Baseball Hall of Fame

My stance on Pete Rose has been, and remains, he should be banned from organized baseball, but not from the Baseball Hall of Fame.
So now that Rose, soon to be 74, has applied for reinstatement, I would like to see Rose made eligible for the Hall of Fame and considered by the so-called "veterans committee," but still banned from working for any specific organization.
Rose bet on baseball as manager of the Cincinnati Reds. something he denied for decades until he conveniently "came clean" when he wrote a book. He shouldn't be allowed back into the game, per say.
But Rose's Hall of Fame status was generated as a player when there is absolutely no evidence of any wrong doing. He wasn't just a great player, he is Major League Baseball's all-time hits leader.  The betting happened while he was managing.
I do, however, understand the sentiment against Rose. Former commissioner Bart Giamatti died suddenly at age 51, and often stress related to the Rose situation is given as why. But that's far from certain. Also, Rose is an abrasive person, and he flat-out lied for years.
Yet, breaking that off on him, when it had nothing to do with his achievements nor character while he actually played the game, smacks of being spiteful and subjective rather than reasonable and objective.
My hope is new MLB commissioner Rob Manfred does reinstate Rose, but for Hall of Fame consideration only. Rose would still be a long shot with the veterans committee because of the character issue, but at least Rose would have a chance because it would be open for debate.
Under former commissioner Bud Selig, Rose had no shot, and I think that was arbitrary and inherently unfair.

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Blogger Fred Brill said...

Book, I couldn't agree with you more.

A a kid of the '70s - Rose was one of my heroes.

He was Charlie Hustle and every little league manager would point to Rose and say "work as hard as that guy".

In 1978 my family lived just outside of Atlanta - and that summer we went to every game they played against the Reds. Why? To see Pete Rose extend his hitting streak - and then when he got on base figure out a way to get to the next base.

All the fans stood and cheered Rose - the guy in the grays on the other team.

Pete Rose was baseball.

I could care less about Rose's character. How many of those players weren't creeps back then. Jim Bouton's Ball Four pretty much summed up the slimy thugs of baseball back then. They say Rose would stand at the edge of the dugout and yell "[bleep] you Shakespeare!" at him whenever Bouton pitched against the Reds.

It's baseball - a game of oafs and thugs - from beginning to end. Get the barrell of the bat on the ball ... shoulder down run over the catcher to knock the ball free ... hook slide around a tag at second ... all heart with little brains - all emotion ... nice guys finish last ... baseball - freakin beautiful and holy art thou revered baseball.

Baseball will probably honor Rose posthumously - But I hope not. He's Charlie Hustle, Book, and we were both taught to be just like him when we were little. What a crime.

12:20 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Thing is none of the things Rose did so wrong happened when he played, or had any bearing on the game at the time he played. So, OK, keep him away from the game now, but you shouldn't, in my opinion, deny his achievements on the field. He belongs in the Hall. But I doubt he'll get there, though. Steep, uphill fight. He has player's association on his side. That could help.

11:15 AM 

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