Tuesday, February 24, 2015

How I would fix overtime and the shootout in the NHL

This isn't a lament because the Red Wings, and in particular goalie Jimmy Howard, have struggled so much in the shootout.
When it first came into the play in the NHL during the mid-2000s, I was a big advocate of the shootout.
And, no, I don't want it to go away completely.
But it has become stale, and I do wish the NHL would adjust what they are doing with overtime hockey. This is my 3-point plan:
1. Give the team winning in regulation three points, the team winning in overtime and/or a shootout two points and one point for an overtime or shootout loss. Too often teams play with little desperation at the end of regulation time and settle for a point, especially on the road. Regular season wins should be like gold.
2. Have overtime begin 4-on-4. After five minutes go to 3-on-3.
3. After 10 minutes of overtime play, go to the shootout. It would be a rare occasion overtime would get that far still tied 4-on-4 followed by 3-on-3. It would therefore bring back the unique aspect of the shootout, which is rapidly getting a bad name.

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Blogger Barry said...

Pat, Tigers are not going to win the WS this with bullpen the way it is. This too bad because they have everything else is covered.

10:51 PM 

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