Sunday, November 23, 2014

Thoughts halftime Lions, Patriots

- Matthew Stafford is going to get scorched by his many detractors in this town if this game remains this way, but Joe Fauria and Corey Fuller have dropped certain TD passes, and Tom Brady is lighting up the Lions' vaunted defense. Also, the Lions' offensive line has been brutal. Stafford has actually played relatively well so far. So had Golden Tate.
- More of Theo Riddick catching passes out of the backfield would be a good thing for the Lions.
- This week, the Lions aren't targeting Calvin Johnson enough. How about some balance between Megatron and Tate?
- If Fauria wants to play more, then make some plays. It was a nice play call by Joe Lombardi. It was a terrific pass by Stafford. It was a huge drop in the end zone by Fauria. The Lions cannot afford to trade field goals for touchdowns with the Patriots. That much is obvious.
- My issue isn't just that Danny Amendola returned a kickoff 81 yards, but that he was able to do so. Sam Martin needs to get touchbacks. Period. Even outside, Even against the wind.
- Matt Prater of 2014 is David Akers of 2013, only he kicks right-footed instead of left-footed.

My column. Loss to Maryland validates need for Michigan to move on Brady Hoke:


Blogger Barry said...

Pat, why wouldn't the Lions draft Zack Martin. Your not going to wrong drafting offensive lineman or DE. I think he became a starter from Game 1. Not saying Ebron was a bad choice.

6:22 PM 

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