Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thoughts halftime Bears, Lions

- It's amazing how much better Matthew Stafford's completion percentage is when his receivers hold onto the ball. He had a brilliant first half. 22-for-26 for 275 yards and 2 TDs says it all.
- I would have said this even if it didn't work and the Lions' scored a touchdown...Good call by Lions' head coach Jim Caldwell to go for it on fourth and goal at the one. There were more than three minutes remaining in the half. At worse, the Bears were going to be pinned back at the goal line in an incredibly noisy stadium on the road.
- What isn't there not to like about Theo Riddick?
- The Lions' first touchdown in long while was a classic example of  Stafford and Calvin Johnson at their very best. It was a terrific throw into double coverage by Stafford, and an excellent catch by Johnson. Problem is, we haven't seen those two at their best enough lately.
- Great design on the play to get Golden Tate the ball on the run and in space. Tate lined up on the line tight. A little delay. A little drag pattern. A predictably nice run by the electrifying Tate. Finally, a little creativity.
- The Lions' defensive line is starting to wear down the Bears' offensive line. You can just feel it.


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