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How Michigan learn from MSU blue print to turn around football program


Anonymous Matt said...

Isn't it strange how success does that, it brings people together? Everyone likes it, everyone agrees with it, everyone is on the same page with winning. I don't want to take anything away from Mark Hollis and Mark Dantonio. Both have done exceptional jobs, with Hollis being clearly one of the best at his job anywhere. However, success and solidarity seem to be a bit of a chicken and egg argument, clearly you can't have one without the other, but can we say for for sure which one came first?

That being said, I completely disagree with the notion Michigan should use Michigan State as a road map to success. Not because of hubris, but because it is an entirely different problem. Hoke is more like the Dantonio hire, if Dantonio had not worked out, that is. Hoke had demonstrated success elsewhere, he was a good hire. He's a great guy. However, he's not the right guy for Michigan. Not right now. Next year, the team should improve should Hoke stay. Returning 50 of 56 from the 2 deep makes that a near inevitability. Players did develop under his watch, however, they developed on the defense where he spent his time, and where they also had another great coordinator as well. Where there were problems was clear...on the offensive side of the ball, both within the line (inexperience) and with quarterback (bad fit or injuries, or who knows?). That's not an excuse, Hoke is still responsible and should be held accountable, and it will likely cost him his future with the program. However, your article is written as if you haven't been paying attention. Michigan cannot afford another experimental hire. A head coach with a good pedigree as an assistant and some success at the head coaching level on a different stage...that's not good enough. This isn't a program that is still trying to become elite as was the case with MSU. We are talking about a program that was once considered to be one of THE elite, one of THE coaching dream jobs. Is it anymore? I don't know? But what has to be done is something B1G. For the sake of their program, its legacy, and the whole conference's reputation really (I'm sure that notion will upset Sparty, but get over it, I'm talking about national perspective). If Michigan is what it purports to be, then it needs to put its money where its mouth is. They need a proven name, a fiery personality or an ingenious strategists and tactician that can surround himself with other complementary supporting staff to cover any or all of his own short comings. Because that guy isn't gong to have 4 more years to turn things around. The program doesn't have that long. It's already been too long. Success will have to come quickly, almost immediately. Is it fair? No way...but if you want to stifle drivel like this article, it is the reality.

Does that mean Harbaugh? No, but he fits the bill. Perhaps perfectly? Yet it doesn't mean it will be him, or that it could only be him. And is it a perfect situation for anyone else, no. The time table is now, expectations are absolutely unreasonable, fans, alumni, and the competition are all unforgiving. The new president Schlissel, is a liability, and who knows who the next AD might be or what damage he/she might do as well? So I suppose if there is one area where Michigan could take a page from MSU is to find their own Mark Hollis, but that is about where it ends.

For Michigan, it is time to put up or shut up. Who do you want to be? Do you want to be a fading dinosaur, or do you want to champions and the best? And nothing against Coach Dantonio and what he has done for the Spartan nation, but Michigan can't afford in time what it can afford in money. Michigan needs its own Saban or Meyer...not its own Dantonio.

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