Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thoughts halftime Michigan Ohio State

A terrific first half of football by the Wolverines, at least until the last two minutes of the half. There isn't a lot of margin for error for the Wolverines. Ohio State played about as poorly as it can in the first half, and Michigan about as well as it can. And it's a tie game. While the game is far from over, at least the Wolverines have put themselves in place to have a chance to pull off a monumental upset. although it's minimal.
- That interception always happens to Devin Gardner. It has, unfortunately, defined his career at Michigan. At least he got it out of the way sooner instead of later today. But that doesn't mean it is done. Gardner is always a turnover about to happen. Even when he appears to be on a roll. Otherwise. Yes. Gardner has played well today. His mobility is giving Ohio State fits. A 15-play, 95-yard touchdown drive is extraordinarily impressive. The Wolverines are running the ball well for a change. Gardner has been especially accurate.
-  Michigan fullback Joe Kerridge has made a couple big plays today. He had a big run on a fake punt last week vs. Maryland. Where was he in the offense, other than blocking, before? Obviously, he's a pretty good player.
- Michigan's secondary is playing very well today. It's been the biggest bright spot defensively. J.T. Barrett is a special QB, though. He proved it at the end of the half on his TD run.
- Not only has Gardner being fully healthy helped the Wolverines offensively, so has the fully recovery of tight Jake Butt. Devin Funchess is having an excellent game, too. The Wolverines need to look toward him more, though.

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