Saturday, September 27, 2014

Thoughts after 3 quarters Minnesota, Michigan Saturday

Look, Michigan is not going to overwhelm anybody at this point, but the situation in Ann Arbor today has gotten morose and more than a little dire. The Wolverines really needed this game, and there are no indications whatsoever they will get it. There are starting to be chants to fire somebody at Michigan Stadium, although its difficult to make our whether it is "Brady," as in Michigan coach Brady Hoke, or "Brandon," as in Michigan AD David Brandon, but both are under fire right now, obviously. This has gone from not good to awful in the second half. The Wolverines are playing as if their collective heart isn't into the game. Not exactly a good sign for any turnaround this season.
- Shane Morris has not held his poise in this game. If anything, he has played even worse today than Devin Gardner did against Notre Dame and Utah. Not that he has gotten much help.
- Michigan Stadium had filled in quite a bit from the start of the game. People seem more interested in tailgating than the actual game. Wonder why? (kidding). You hear some boos and chants, but more than that, you often hear nothing. Just silence. It's a beautiful setting here, and it's a pretty day in regard to weather, but there is an eerie feeling surrounding this game.
- One of things not to like about Michigan's offense is how slow it moves. They take forever to get in and out of the huddle. There is little tempo or rhythm. The hiring of Doug Nussmeier has been a disaster so far.


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