Sunday, September 21, 2014

Thoughts after first quarter Packers, Lions

- That touchdown drive by the Packers to end the first quarter was on Aaron Rodgers. What a terrific job he did scrambling to buy time and hit Jordy Nelson on third-and-long for a first down. There are many terrific QBs currently in the NFL, but I'm not sure if Rodgers isn't the best.
- My initial impression of Lions' safety Don Carey as a player was not very good. But he played very well last season in a couple late games. His tackling became sure. And that was a huge play he made, picking up a loose ball and rolling in for a touchdown, in the first quarter. There is something to be said for a player who works hard and improves. Carey is one of those players. Good thing for the Lions, too. With their secondary so injury-depleted, the Lions desperately need Carey to be a player for them. The fact Carey is out of the game right now with an apparent leg injury is not a good thing.
- The Packers got the one-on-one matchup they wanted with Lions cornerback Danny Gorrer on Randall Cobb. Aaron Rodgers made a terrific throw, but Cobb dropped what likely would have a been a TD pass. Good break for the Lions, but they can't hide the many holes in their secondary for long.
- One very noticeable difference between the Lions' defense this year compared to their previous regime is they blitz a lot more. They simply did not blitz their inside linebackers in the past. Today, middle linebacker Stephen Tulloch has a sack.
- Matthew Stafford didn't make a good throw. That's understood. OK, the interception is on him. But what is Corey Fuller doing on the field. He did nothing to help Stafford on that play. I don't understand why the Lions would release Kevin Ogletree. I thought he was a good route runner, who made some plays. I have seen nothing from Fuller.

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