Sunday, September 14, 2014

Thoughts halftime Lions, Panthers

- The Lions should be leading this game 13-6 instead of trailing 6-0. The Lions very much in this game, but that fact is profoundly disappointing. The defense deserves better.
- Calvin Johnson needs to catch and secure that football. He was open. The ball was delivered on time and on target. And he missed it. That's on him, and similar to three catches he dropped at key times last season.
- Nate Freese has turned from question mark into disaster very quickly. He has been a differencemaker so far, but for all the wrong reasons. Evidently not a good draft evaluation by the Lions' staff.
- We've just seen a glimpse of what Eric Ebron is capable of accomplishing. His size-speed equation is off the charts. The Lions need to take more advantage of it. He is going to be open with all the attention given the Lions' other so-called weapons.
- Panthers' linebacker Luke Kuechly is anything but overrated. What a terrific player.

My column. Despite the victory, the big block "M" stands for "mistakes" these days:


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