Saturday, September 20, 2014

Thoughts halftime Utah, Michigan

- Obviously, it wasn't a wise move by 6-foot-7 Utah QB Travis Wilson to try to hurdle a defender. It wasn't near the goal line. It wasn't for a big first down. It's understood backup Utes' QB Kendal Thompson is a one-time blue chip recruit, who transferred from Oklahoma, yet the Utes' offense was rolling pretty well with Wilson at the controls. Give Michigan credit for a big hit, but Wilson essentially took himself out of the game. And for what? It's doubtful big lineman Willie Henry makes a pick and returns it for a TD for Michigan if Wilson is in the game. Michigan's chances are now better of winning this game. Having stated that, it was a pretty play by Clay. And very much needed by the floundering Wolverines.
- Look, the turnover was more on wide receiver Devin Funchess than Devin Gardner. But it does seem like a costly turnover is always about to happen under Gardner's watch, doesn't it?
- Utah has great special teams. Tremendous return for a TD by wide receiver Kaelin Clay. The Wolverines better reel that part of their game in, or they will lose this game.


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