Saturday, September 20, 2014

Thoughts after 1st quarter Utah, Michigan

Time of possession, which Michigan is winning by a wide margin so far, is a huge in this game. If it turns into a track meet, the Wolverines will lose. Utah seems kind of loose with the ball. The opportunities are there for UM to create turnovers.
Devin Gardner vs. Utah
- Devin Gardner's 18-yard scramble on Michigan's first drive was a good sign. They need him to make plays with his legs. He is an excellent runner with a knack for picking his way through space. That had been missing in the last couple games. Having stated that, though, Gardner must take good care of the ball when running. In the past, fumbles on those scrambles have been part of his downfall.
- There is a noticeable section of empty seats in one corner of the end zone at Michigan Stadium. I have never seen that to the same degree in all the years I have been covering games here, including the first two this season.
- Michigan's Matt Wile is going to have to make his field goals today. Andy Phillips of the Utes is one of the best in the nation.
- It's amazing how much more threatening the Wolverines are offensively with Devin Funchess in there. But it remains like he is their only weapon. They really need to get Jake Butt involved.


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