Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Why Don Kelly's RBI single in the first Wednesday off Zack Greinke wasn't a fluke

Don Kelly had a two-out, RBI single during the first inning Wednesday off Dodgers' starter Zack Greinke. It appears on the surface to be a fluke considering Kelly is one of MLB's worst hitters and Greinke one of the better pitchers.
It wasn't. Kelly had actually had some success in the past against Greinke, going 3-for-8 entering the game. Oddly, he has similar success against a tough right-hander with the Indians, Justin Masterson. He has a career OPS of 1.230 against Masterson. Why? Because the one pitch Kelly can hit is a low inside fastball, especially a hard two-seamer. For most hitters, it's a difficult pitch, actually an outpitch for right-handers against left-handers. Yet, for forever reason, it's the one pitch Kelly can rake consistently.
It's similar repertoire to what other pitchers Kelly has had success against like Edwin Jackson.


Blogger Barry said...

Pat, Zack threw the ball in Kelly's wheelhouse. Kelly is terrific on pitches that are low pitches from the middle of the plate to the inside of the plate. If he could handle the outside pitch he could be an everyday player. He is fine defensively. He should raise his swing a touch on outside pitches I think that would be the ticket.

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