Monday, June 30, 2014

Thoughts after 5 innings A's, Tigers Monday

- Social media lit up and a huge deal is being made about Austin Jackson diving to make a catch in the fourth inning tonight. However, he likely would have made the play without diving. It was kind of like Chet Lemon from the '84 Tigers diving into first base. Fans love the show of effort, even if a strong case can be made running to the ball or, in the case of Lemon through the base, is more efficient than diving, and far less risky when it comes to the possibility of injury.
- Torii Hunter looks better tonight. He made a nice running catch and he has been on the ball during both his at bats, although he doesn't have anything to show for it in the box score.
Alan Trammell: Did the talking for '84 Tigers
- No Kirk Gibson tonight for the 30th anniversary of the '84 Tigers. The Diamondbacks are off, but I'm not surprised. It was never his style to spent much dwelling on things like this. He never played in the All-Star game. Why? Because he told Sparky Anderson to tell the manager of the AL team he'd rather have the three days off. That's just Gibby. Doesn't make it right, though.
Jack Morris, Larry Herndon, Lance Parrish and Chet Lemon, among others, were also missing. But sometimes these guys get tired of being on a consistent tour of the past. And some have better relationships with the current Tigers' organization than others. Milt Wilcox wasn't invited. He has filed a worker's compensation claim against the team based on knee suffered in fantasy camp a couple years ago, and it is being speculated why he wasn't invited.
- The A's have an excellent lineup. To do what Anibal Sanchez has through five innings is very impressive. He lacked consistency with the Marlins. Is not much of problem these days. Scott Kazmir has been just as good. What a terrific pitching duo


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