Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Rick Porcello, Jack Morris a comparison between past and current Tiger pitchers

Jack Morris
Rick Porcello has pitched back-to-back shutouts, the first Tigers' pitcher to do so since Jack Morris threw three shutouts in a row during 1986.
Rick Porcello
The streak by Morris was broken up, ironically, because of a ground ball that went the Tigers' shortstop Alan Trammell's legs in the next game for an error, leading to an unearned run. It happened in the first game against Minnesota, scoring Kirby Puckett. Tom Brunansky hit the ball.
Morris then didn't allow another run in eight innings that day at Tiger Stadium. Then he pitch five innings of scoreless ball in his next start, also a win, at Cleveland until he finally yielded an earned run. He had pitched four scoreless innings to conclude his last start vs. Texas before his shutout streak began. Added all up, Morris threw 44 consecutive innings without allowing an earned run.
It was unusual from the standpoint of Trammell's error. He rarely made that type of error, It was very much a routine grounder that got between his wickets.
It also points back to the celebration of the '84 Tigers Monday on the 30th anniversary of their world title, and how their current team has been tied to them recently. Rajai Davis' walk off grand slam to spur the Tigers rally from three runs down Monday was the first since Trammell vs. the Yankees in '88.


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