Monday, June 30, 2014

Thoughts after 7 1-2 innings A's, Tigers Monday

Cespedes, A's: Benefit from mistake
- This isn't should be much of a surprise. Both starting pitchers, Scott Kazmir for Oakland and Anibal Sanchez for the Tigers, were very good tonight. It's become a battle of the bullpens. The Tigers aren't going to win that one very often with the A's. Oakland's bullpen ranks second in the American League and fourth in MLB with a 2.87 ERA. It has a collective WHIP of 1.1. The Tigers' bullpen is 29th in MLB and next to last in the AL as well (behind only Houston) with a 4.66 ERA. The WHIP of the Tigers' bullpen is 1.40. Only two words can describe Joba Chamberlain's performance tonight: Not good. The Tigers are depending mightily on Phil Coke. Says a lot, doesn't it?
- A little bit of the luster has come off rookie shortstop Eugenio Suarez. That was a terrible throwing error on the ground ball by Yoenis Cespedes in the eight. It opened the gates for the A's to take the lead. Suarez has some good things offensively, but he hasn't been tested much defensively. That was a bit of test. He didn't pass it. His dWAR (defensive wins above replacement, version) was in the minus category coming into tonight's game.


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