Friday, May 09, 2014

My thoughts on Detroit Lions selecting Kyle Van Noy in second round of 2014 NFL Draft

The thing about Kyle Van Noy is he is as ready to play in the NFL as any linebacker in this draft. He is a combo linebacker, meaning he does everything well, and is highly productive.
Kyle Van Noy
He was a big-time high school recruit and has solid athleticism. I would be shocked if he isn't a starter immediately. It wouldn't surprise me if he becomes a Pro Bowl caliber player.
The Lions did have trade up for him. I was surprised he lasted as long as he did. The question is whether he was worth it. Depth is an issue with this team. So is the secondary. While Van Noy should help the Lions immensely, but it still leaves them lacking in the secondary.
The Lions were still able to retain their third round draft choice. It will be interesting to see what cornerbacks are still there. Keith McGill, the 6-3 cornerback from Utah, fits the Lions perfectly, but that's pretty deep in the draft. I do expect Stanley Jean-Baptiste from Nebraska to be gone by the time the Lions make their selection. He is a big corner with potential to start in the NFL, who should contribute immediately.


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