Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thoughts going to overtime Bruins, Red Wings Game 4

The Bruins have taken over control of the game. The Red Wings are very fortunate this is going to overtime. But they are still capable of winning this game. Tomas Tatar is picking up his play. They need a big moment from Pavel Datsyuk.
- The Monster is doing OK tonight. It's just there seems to be such a huge edge in goal for the Bruins.
- Hopefully for the Red Wings sake, the refs swallow their whistles. If the Bruins get on the power play, it does seem like this game will end quickly.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spin it however you want, Book, but it comes down to a great team facing one that is mediocre. Despite the hiccup in game one, the outcome was quite predictable. Bigger, stronger and more talented usually trumps the home town ittle engine that couldn't.

2:26 AM 

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