Friday, April 25, 2014

On Mitch McGary testing positive for marijuana and heading to the NBA

When I was a kid, the term they used a lot describing an athlete who performed exceptionally well. but only briefly, was "flash in the pan."

Mitch McGary
Mitch McGary fit the definition. He was outstanding in the 2013 NCAA tournament, while being spoon-fed by national player of the year Trey Burke, I might add.Other than that, he was disappointing. Part of that wasn't his fault (initial inexperience, a back injury), but being tested positive for marijuana during the NCAA tournament was his fault.
McGary did develop a nice short-range jumper and does run the floor well for his size. But he isn't going to appear as massively big in the NBA as he did in the Big Ten. It's unlikely he will have much impact in the league until he becomes much more refined. That isn't going to happen for awhile, or if ever. He would benefitted greatly coming to Michigan, and the Wolverines would have benefitted from having him back, obviously.
Testing positive for weed isn't going to help McGary fly up the draft board, and this is one of the best and deepest drafts in years.
Amazing how one bad decision can take a logical ascent and throw it right out the window, turning what should have been a brilliant college to "flash in the pan" status.

My column. The biggest issue for the Red Wings is the Bruins are simply much better:


Blogger Michael said...

Is it me or has the whole U of M sports department just gone up in smoke this year with all the SEC thug behavior ?

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