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The Detroit Tigers, Dave Dombrowski and the worst trade of all time?

A long-term general manager is not judged by one trade. Good thing for Tigers' general manager Dave Dombrowski he has a lot of gems to pull out of his back pocket to display (Miguel Cabrera, Max Scherzer, etc.) when the Doug Fister deal is raised.
That's because it has been a stinker and the stench just keeps getting worse.
Sunday, the Tigers released shortstop Alex Gonzalez. He played just nine games as a 37-year-old displaying less range than a fantasy camper. He hit a hundred-something and his WAR was minus 0.6., which shouldn't come as a surprise. It was minus 1.2 last season.
Alex Gonzalez: Gone but not soon to be forgotten
The Tigers traded Steve Lombardozzi, the utility player they acquired as part of the Fister trade in the winter, to Baltimore for Gonzalez, who could have been signed as a free agent.
The Tigers paid Gonzalez $1.1 million for what was essentially a failed 14-game (nine played) audition. He was paid 78.571 per game. What addition to the G-Rod retirement fund.
Lombardozzi reminds nobody of Ozzie Smith at SS, but he was OK there in spring training. Andrew Romine and Danny Worth are better than Lombardozzi at SS, but why just move him for nothing? He has played most days for Baltimore at second base and done reasonably well. A salary dump? Hardly. Lombardozzi is rocking a $518,000 salary for 2014.
In fairness to Dombrowski, Ian Krol has helped the Tigers some already should be a good piece to the bullpen. He has touted left-handed pitching prospect Robbie Ray as being the key to the move. Ray is 1-2 with a 3.00 ERA at Toledo, averaging five innings per start and could at some point replace Drew Smyly in the rotation if it is deemed Smyly means more to the Tigers in bullpen than starting. But, at this stage, that's a big "if."
The trade hasn't looked nearly as bad as it might if Fister were not on the disabled list with a lat strain after having some elbow issues during spring training. Fister has started throwing at the Nationals' extended spring training program, and could return in three weeks, according to latest reports.
Can you imagine if he were off to a 3-0 start like he was last year, and this was going on?
Yikes. It was unpopular trade at the time, and looks less promising by the day.

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Anonymous Michael C said...

Ah, Pat. You do love your hyperbole.

No, it's nowhere close to being one of the worst trades ever.

And if Robbie Ray pans out and becomes a #2 starter the Tigers will actually win this trade in the long run. 6 years of control over a #2 starter vs. 2 years of control for Fister (as our #4) would make it no contest.

3:11 PM 
Blogger Barry said...

Your right Pat DD is not that bad and could do a lot worst as GM. He does have two areas of weakness which I hope he approves on. I listen for key words" I listen to my scouts". Oh Boy. Scouts are an advisors only. Weren't the scouts sold on DW and DD gave him 27 million dollars. How many times or I never seem this before, does DD get burned by old players? The list is long TJones, KRogers Maggs(second time around), Renteria ect.

5:09 PM 
Blogger Barry said...

Pat, DD does a nice job on the minor league front restocking the shelves with former prospects that can contribute nicely on a platoon basis.

5:27 PM 

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