Sunday, April 20, 2014

Thoughts after two periods Red Wings, Bruins Game 2

- The Red Wings have been outplayed in this game, but should still be at least tied. The Red Wings just can't afford to allow soft goals. Jimmy Howard did that in the first period. And he didn't come up with the big save at the end of the second period, giving back the momentum the Red Wings' got when Luke Glendening scratched in a goal. As good as Howard was in Game 1, he hasn't been in Game 2. Bottom line.
- The Red Wings have adjusted a lot better to the Bruins crashing to the net than they did in the first period. Maybe it's just a natural letdown from winning Game 1, but it shouldn't have come as a surprise.
- Gosh, are the Red Wings a better team with Pavel Datsyuk in the lineup. He is just very threatening and you can tell how difficult it is for the Bruins to adjust not only to his skill, but his strength. The Red Wings will get even better for a playoff run, obviously, if they Henrik Zetterberg returns.
- This game isn't over. Boston seems uptight at times with its favorite status. An early goal, and the Red Wings could win this thing. The key is Howard. No more soft goals. And he must come up with a big save or two.
- The Red Wings power play has been brutal. That has to change, too.
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Blogger Barry said...

Pat, I hope the Lions don't trade up for Watkins because you will get an excellent player at 10. You should get another good player in the second round.

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