Monday, December 16, 2013

Thoughts halftime Ravens, Lions

- The last 2 1-2 minutes of the half were brutal for the Lions. There is still a lot of football left to be played in this game, but the Lions should be ahead, not trailing 9-7 in a slow-paced affair that favors the Ravens.
- You can sense the poise of the Ravens and their championship pedigree. They're a flawed team, especially offensively, but the moment isn't too big for them. They have displayed excellent poise. I'd really be surprised if they beat themselves. Conversely, the costly Louis Delmas helmet-to-helmet hit has been typical of the Lions the last few years. It's like they never learn.
- Good defensive stand for the Lions, holding the Ravens to field goals twice near the end of the first half. I didn't think the pass interference call was a good one, leading to the first FG. Both players have equal right for the ball when it is in the air like that. It was one of those no harm, there-should-have-been-no-call type of things.
- There is still a lot left in Nate Burleson's tank. He's made some nice plays tonight. He's much more sure-handed than the Lions' other receivers.
- I hate to state the obvious here, but the Ravens are clearly a plodding an limited team offensively. They are still solid defensively, though. I don't think the Ravens can outman the Lions, but there is definitely a possibility the Ravens can win this game if the Lions go into their mistake mode. And the dropped passes by Calvin Johnson have been very costly. Conversely, so was it a costly missed throw when Matthew Stafford had Johnson open for an apparent first down on third and long midway through the second quarter. Yes, avoiding the big mistake is very important. But those ones that don't involve turnovers can be costly and add up, too.


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