Monday, December 16, 2013

Thoughts after 1st quarter Ravens, Lions

- The Ravens have the third-best run defense in the NFL. It's surprising the Lions have been able to run as effectively as they have so far tonight. But there is a reason for it. The Ravens have been putting fewer players than usual at the line of scrimmage, daring the Lions to run, and defending the deep pass. The Lions have taken full advantage of it so far. If the Ravens change this tactic, and they probably will at some point, look for the Lions to go over the top with a deep throw.
- That was a terrible drop by Calvin Johnson. He is a great player, but it's undeniable he has dropped more passes this season than anticipated, or he should, especially based on his sterling reputation. Thing is, he is more than capable of making up for it. We all know that.
- It is as electric an environment as I can remember for a Lions home game, at least dating back to the Silverdome days. I'd put it right up with the Bears' game on Monday Night Football a couple years ago. But you could also feel the pressure in this building at the start. The Lions' scoring drive alleviated a lot of that pressure. Matt Elam, the Ravens'  rookie safety, evidently isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer. That was a foolish penalty on the late hit on Detroit QB Matthew Stafford.
- The Ravens seem to have gotten their legs underneath them offensively. Their current drive has been impressive.


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