Thursday, December 12, 2013

Jim Schwartz at crossroad as Lions' head coach


Blogger section444 said...

To me, the question surrounding Jim Schwartz isn't should he be fired if the Lions don't win the division. It's weather he gets the most out of the talent he has been given. I think not, but my opinion is an amature view. As for William Clay Ford's history, he tends to be loyal to a fault. I would like to see the Lions put it together in the last 3 games, save the coach's job for sure, and give Schwartz to develop.


3:09 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I kinda agree with you, Pat. Schwartz appears to be a good coach. However he is still making rookie coach decisions after being in for awhile. Players seem to still be making bad penalty plays.

Is it more than one would expect given the variables? Rookies, etc?

Time management still seems to be a bit of a problem.

It's not easy, though. I'm still willing to give him a chance because he does appear to be a pretty smart football guy.

11:50 AM 

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