Sunday, December 08, 2013

Thoughts halftime Lions, Eagles

- I can't help but wonder if Jason Hanson were still the Lions' kicker instead of David Akers whether Jim Schwartz would have gone for a field goal in the scoring zone rather than for the first down on fourth down. Or gone for the two-point conversion rather than kicking the extra point. The bottom line is all that counts. It worked like a charm, didn't it? It's almost like the Lions' are up by two scores.
- Spread offenses are great until there are poor weather conditions. Football is still essentially about blocking and tackling and ball security. There is no question the spread option has its place, even at the highest levels of the NFL. But spreads are vulnerable under less-than-ideal conditions.
- The idea the Lions are a so-called dome team and can't play effectively if there are poor weather conditions seems preposterous at this point. The Lions, at least so far, have displayed a competitive character they traditionally have been lacking.
- In October, when its 55 degrees, sunny and there is that special fall crispness in the air, I wish Ford Field didn't have a roof. In late November, December and beyond, I'm convinced it is a good thing. I'm sure a lot of Lions' fans are waxing poetic about the conditions this game is being played in, but that's because the Lions are winning. If they were losing, many of those same fans would be ticked and claiming it is unfair.
- Terrific play by Chris Houston on the interception. It wasn't so much the pick, but the return. It was the key for setting up Detroit's touchdown. He was questionable for today's game. The Lions' are fortunate Houston is playing.


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